I obviously have zero patience for the Paintbrush app

Do I sound like the hap-hap-happy puppy that jumps all over you and licks your face once you’ve entered the room after having left it for 5 minutes? Yup! That would be ME!

The day has finally come… Tomorrow we set sail for a new adventure. The coolest part of true adventures is how you don’t really know for sure where the journey will take you. We have ideas, plans, and have been doing major name droppings *cough-tahiti-cough* but in reality:


And that’s the most exciting part. It reminds me of those game shows prompting you to pick door number one, door number two or door number three. The surprise is such a big part of the prize! Actually, the word should technically be spelled out S-U-R-P-R-I-Z-E!

People often ask “Wow, did you win the lottery or something?” and the funny thing is: its the stellar opposite and they think we’re mad when we answer “No, its because we are broke that we need to leave!” “I wish I were broke” is the common answer. Food in California is insanely high ($6 for a pound of ground beef? Are you kidding me???) and then there is the fuel, the eventual nights out with friends at $10 a drink, etc. Mexico offers us absolutely free living expenses (no cost to drop the anchor) and much more reasonably priced fuel and groceries.

Plus the water is invitingly warm… Dippity doo-dah! Too hot and sweaty? Jump in the water. Bored and need something to do? Jump in the water. Need exercise? Jump in the water. Hungry? Jump in the water. Heh heh heh.

But what will you do after?

We really don’t know. Not a clue. Not an inkling of an idea. Scary? Yes, of course. Exciting? You betcha! And the biggest part of the fear factor is that when we’ll come back to live and settle here we’ll be even more broke than we are now. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Most likely we’ll be walking across that bridge because we won’t be able to put fuel in the car.

Life’s too short. I plan on squeezing every last morsel out of it like a hawk pecking away at a bunny rabbit. A cute little fury white bunny rabbit minding its own business eating a carrot as it was planning his next adventure.

And I just compared life to a bloody dead bunny. What is wrong with me?



  1. This is SO exciting! And you are going to LOVE Tahiti! You won’t even believe that it’s real. You’ll look around you and think it must be some digitized backdrop. You will find it difficult to believe that water can be that many gorgeous shades of blue. You will marvel at the way of life there. You may never come back!

    I can’t wait to read about your adventure. Fair winds and following seas, my friend. xoxox


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