A prompt by Sarah Selecky
Another prompt by Sarah Selecky

We all looked up at once and watched her fall. We stood there frozen and speechless as we silently witnessed her death.

They say you die before you reach the ground, they say the fall is too hard for the heart to handle. Her eyes were open, so was her mouth. But she was as silent as we all were. Before she hit the ground, just moments before, sudden bursts of screams and yelps escaped our silence.

Amid the screams, lost was one solitary giggle. Innocent at first, I’m sure. How could it be otherwise? A nervous giggle uncontrolled by a young boy. He couldn’t be much more than eight. Where were his parents to cover his eyes and protect him from seeing this? “Oh cool!” After contact, after the shock and the screams, we all heard his last and ultimate reaction to what we all witnessed as one: “Oh cool!

Most kept their eyes upon the woman hoping for some form of miracle. Others, such as I’d done, snapped their focus back to the little boy. He was exhilarated and giddy. With a big smile he pointed his finger towards the woman “Do that again Momma!” and he clapped his hands. His earlier giggles were now loud happy laughter.

The first one to pull out of the crowd was a young man. He ran as best as he could. As best as his crutches would allow him. “Call 9-1-1! Somebody call 9-1-1!” and that is what triggered us into action.

An elderly woman standing near the boy bent down and wrapped her arms around him. People started running, removing their coats to cover the woman. The young man abandoned his crutches and dropped to his knees when he reached her looking for a pulse.

It didn’t take long before we heard the sirens approaching us. It took even less time to confirm she was beyond help.

I took note of the time. 9:41 am. Time of death. Is that something they do only in the movies or do they actually do that?

And the boy smiled on.

Sarah Selecky has wonderful prompts. I urge you to sign up, and you’ll receive one new prompt a day (much better than an apple a day…) This prompt was “write a scene that starts with ‘We all looked up at once‘ – write by hand for at least 10 minutes.


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