On Being in the South

I LOVE Shrimp Boats!
I LOVE Shrimp Boats!

Dec. ? – not sure exactly, but it’s Wednesday. I think.

We’ve passed the halfway point between Turtle Bay and Cabo. Turtle Bay is actually the halfway point between San Diego and Cabo. I like working in halfways when it comes to geography and traveling. It seems to make sense and gives me a feeling of moving forward. No matter where I’m at, if I see it as halfway between two spots then I’m closer to something or some destination. Or further away, it depends on how you look at things and if you’re coming or going.

What I love most of being South of Turtle Bay is that we’re not only in Baja California Sur (Baja South) but it’s warmer. Much warmer. Like shorts & sport top. If I were the exotic type I’d probably ditch the sport top. But I’m not the exotic type. I’m French Canadian and I grew up wearing wool socks year round. Oh how I wish I had a sock monkey made of an old grey sock with the red trim…

So, back to me and my shorts and sport top. Lee’s wearing nothing but shorts, or some kind of lycra italian undies. Very sexy. He’s more exotic than I am. If it were a contest I’d declare him the winner in exotic personality profiles. But it’s not a contest and we haven’t got any winners. Or losers. So I guess it’s a win-win so maybe there are winners, but not the kind who bring home a medal. Although we do have each other as trophies. I need to give my head a good shake.

Being South… There’s barely a cloud in the sky, or anywhere else for that matter (ba-boom-boom-tish!) Until the moon rises, the stars do their best to make it nearly impossible to find the big dipper.

I don’t know why but I struggle to rest until I spot the big dipper. That big old lard-ass of the skies…

A rare sign of clouds - red skies at night :)
A rare sign of clouds – red skies at night 🙂

This year’s southbound trek sure is the stellar opposite of last year’s southerly bash. We. Are. Taking. Our. Time. Yesterday was our very first sailing day stretching beyond 8 hours of navigation. And that’s only because we had no other choice! Nowhere to park, ya know? And even then, we almost cruised right on by our anchorage as we both dozed off on autopilot. I saved the day – or night: which is a rare thing. Lee’s The Fixer. I woke up, looked outside, looked at our radar and the GPS and woke up The Fixer “Where are we supposed to anchor?” he blinked a few times “Shit, we passed it!”

Welcome to Cabo!
Welcome to Cabo!

But not by much. We turned and dropped the anchor and slept with vivid and immediately forgotten dreams. Then all we needed was an all-nighter and boom – cruised right into the bay of Cabo San Lucas.

This is pulled from my journal. My journal. I have a journal. Those SarahSeleckyPrompts I’ve been dabbling with have gotten me back into the whole thing of writing by hand. As in putting pen to paper and allowing it to glide making swoops and curves. And dots. Gotta dot those i’s but not those eyes unless you want to poke one out! Writing by hand is the new black.


10 thoughts on “On Being in the South”

    1. I want snow too! I actually miss it big time so I will be making my way home for the holidays… hopefully get to ski or snowboard and play in it! 50? That’s like useless cold!


    1. You build your sea legs and totally get used to it. Then again, I take a ginger pill every morning. Just like when Mom used to force Ginger Ale on me when I got sick as a kid…


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