Sugar Overdose

“Give me some sugar”

She turned her eyes toward him, glaring and obviously still utterly pissed off, but couldn’t resist. And he knew it. He knew she could never hold back. She pulled her sleeve up, pushed his up to his elbow, and slid her fingers back down towards his hand allowing their arms to touch. Skin to skin. It felt like sugar seeping through their pores.

Without a moment’s hesitation, she slapped him across the face and leaned in to kiss him fiercely.  “How can I love you and hate you all at the same time?” He smiled, and her knees nearly lost hold of her. With a growl she pushed him away. “You just can’t resist me, I’m your drug. Besides, it’s because you hate me that you love me so much. Hate is after all a form of passion.”

“But… Becky? BECKY? Why her? Why my sister? Last year you slept with my best friend…” She swiped the few tears. Shuddered. “Bitch! And now I find out you slept with my fucking sister? Do you know what that does to me? What about my relationship with her? How can I ever face her now? She is married you know. With two boys. TWO YOUNG BOYS!”

He touched her cheek, she growled again but let him touch her. She softened to his touch and melted under his finger. “You knew what you were getting into, after all I was married when we first”

“Stop it!” She cut him off. “Stop reminding me and making me feel like I’m the one who’s wrong here. You always do that! We had a deal.” She puts up two fingers in his face “One: always a condom. And two:” Waves her second finger two inches from his eyes “Never. With. Anybody. Close. To ME!”

He reached out, laughing with that charmingly devilish grin of his and pulled her into him. He kissed her eye, licked her tears away, smoothed her hair, nibbled at her earlobe, and pulled her pelvis into his. All the while his eyes held her captive. He knew the power he had over her, knew she would melt.

She whimpered.

“Now it’s MY turn to give you some sugar” he said, barely a whisper in her ear.

S30PBadgeThis is a Studio 30+ writing prompt based on: Give me some sugar. I chose to leave it open-ended. You, as the reader get to walk away from this story deciding how it will end for our two lovers. You get to choose if she leaves him or crumbles under his powers… How Harlequin’ish was that?


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