Words to live by… Lennon

happy by lennon


17 thoughts on “Words to live by… Lennon”

  1. As adults, I think we lose sight of simple concepts like this. We get too focused on career & success, (house, car, retirement savings, etc) I guess.


    1. Exactly! And it’s so weird that I should happen to stumble on this days after I wrote a post saying pretty much about this exact same thing. Only I was not as eloquent and it took me hundreds and hundreds of words to say what John said in about 50…


  2. I love this story. I always tell my children that I dont mind what they end up doing in life as long as it brings them happiness (and they pay thier own bills)


  3. Like all great truths, this one smacks us in our face with its simplicity. Ever feel that your search for the “secret” to life like looking for your glasses when they are already on your face?


      1. I took a walk, and realized something. John had a very troubled relationship with his mum. He was mostly raised by his aunt. To attribute this story to him is very cruel to his memory.


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