Tommy Turns Ten

This was actually my wedding cake! From my 1st marriage...
This was actually my wedding cake! From my 1st marriage…

Tommy woke to the happy sound of birds chirping. He threw the blankets off and ran to his window jumping over his Battleships still open from yesterday’s game with Bobby.

He opened the curtains and looked out with excitement. It was sunny and already promising to be a great day.

Finally 10 years old. After years of begging, last year his dad finally broke down and promised him “When you’re old enough, I’ll get you a BB Gun.” Tommy knew without a doubt today was the day. He was ten! No more playing with GI Joes, he was a big boy now.

He opened the window and carefully reached out to touch the little bright yellow bird chirping on his windowsill. Tommy called him Mustard and has been waking up to his cries every morning for the past week.

He wrapped his chubby little fingers around Mustard. They were barely long enough to fully enclose the tiny little bird. ”Hi Mustard!” Tommy said as he brought the bird closer to his face.


He felt most of Mustards little bones shatter in his hand and smiled. “It’s my birthday today Mustard, I get to do whatever I want.”

“Tommy, no!” his mother cried in shock standing in the doorway.

S30PBadge (1)
Let’s be honest. I have a dark side, and I love it. This is a Studio 30+ prompt based on: broken bones.


12 thoughts on “Tommy Turns Ten”

  1. Tommy could be trouble later on…

    I love your dark side too. It’s so much more controlled & focused than mine. Mine scares me. I don’t let him out to play. Bad things happen when I do…


  2. Oh, no!
    This actually reminds of a time when my son accidentally squeezed a toad too tight (my son was either four or five at the time and was thrilled with finding the toad in our landscaping). He cried for two hours afterward.
    Interesting read! Nice job!


  3. I love this. I would have made it way too graphic and horrifying. You made it cute and innocent, yet violent. That’s a gift!


    1. I was definitely thinking of a young serial killer à-la Dexter. Imagine being the parent of a little boy like this, loving him yet knowing he will be doing seriously wicked things…


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