Whales in the Hood

At the fuel dock where we picked up our friend, I was elegantly dressed in typical fuel dock attire: shorts and a bikini top. Which is a lie of course only on account that I’m too ashamed to admit it was a bra. A cute bra with pink and white flowers. From afar it looks like a bikini, but close up when the fuel dude is standing but 2 feet away from me I felt naked. And rightfully so.

Anyways, the friend who is a true friend and honest tells me after glancing at my belly “What happened to your 6-pack?” “It’s wrapped up in a burrito” I answered in enough shame to let her know I knew but that I didn’t like knowing. To which I immediately made a promise to myself to start working out again asap.

This morning I was getting my board ready to stick to that promise because let’s face it, what good is a 6-pack when it’s wrapped in a burrito? Leo was standing by me ready to help me drop the board in the water.

First we heard them. Like a loud splooshing and a puffing of air sound. Then we looked around us. Three whales swimming rather close by. We’re anchored in a bay, not out in the open. And there are three whales nearby. I mentioned this before, but I never ran down to get my camera since I’d rather watch and not miss them than run away to grab proof of their visit.

Ever wonder why Big Bird never got a good picture of Mr Snuffaluffagus?

I took some pictures but realized my camera was too slow and the click always occurred after the splash so I switched to video mode. By then they were further away, and this was the last sighting in the video.

I dropped my paddleboard into the water, assuming they were gone, and went out for a paddle. Then I heard the splooshing sound again. So I did what any sane woman my age would do.

I paddled towards the three large animals big enough to squash a house.

It’s daunting. I’m standing on a flimsy foam board watching whales. And I got close. Too close for comfort. It was exciting, intimidating and inspiring. And as tears of profound joy rolled down my cheeks I just stood there and witnessed some of the greatest creatures on earth. And now I want to eat a tuna sandwich… just because.


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