Kayak under a sunsetBoomboomboomboom-boom-boom-boomboomboom.

Bobby helped Lisa step out of her kayak as the waves pushed it against the beach and pulled it back out again. Back and forth, back and forth, their kayaks moved with the waves.


“There must be a pow-wow on one of these islands… I wonder where and how big it is.”

Bobby shrugged as he pulled and dragged both their kayaks up the beach and safely away from the waves. Lisa looked all around her and screamed with delight. “Have you ever seen such huge sand dunes? They’re like mountains!”


“The guide book wasn’t lying. I just wasn’t sure we’d find this spot. So many islands…”

“Oh Bobby, this place is magical!” Lisa ran off to the dunes with her arms extended outwards on both sides like a child pretending to be a plane. In no time at all she was hidden behind the dunes. Bobby could still hear her giggles and ran off around another sand dune.


“Oh Liiiiiiisa, come-out-come-out wherever you are!” He ran around and around until they both collided into each other. He grabbed her and wrapped his arms around her as they both flopped down in the sand.


All they saw around them was mountains of sand. The dunes looked even higher when they were laying on their backs.


Bobby rolled on top of Lisa. “I love you my little princess of the sea.”
“I love you more, ” she replied “my Sea God.” She wrapped dune grass around their heads. As they giggled she could feel him growing down below. Her stomach gargled with hunger. Her pupils opened up suddenly.
“You should see your eyes, it’s like the green has been swallowed by big black beads.” “They say when you see something you like – something you want; your pupils open up trying to swallow it through your eyes.” Lisa explained as she tugged down on his shorts.


He entered her slowly never taking his eyes away from her face. “Do you feel my eyes swallowing you now?” She laughed and then yelled and screamed her joy to the dunes.


The drums were relentless. Not once had their beats stopped. They moved to their rhythm. Their sighs and breaths matched in as well. Everything blended like one big living creature. “You know if you get pregnant from this we’ll have to give him an Indian name.”
“Sandy Cheeks!” She said as she placed her fingertip on his nose. “SHE may be a girl.
“Sandy Cheeks – works for a boy also. Remember Sandy Koufax?”
“We will not name our child after a baseball player” she answered. “Sandy Cheeks will be our love child from the dunes”. Bobby agreed with her “Yeah, and I’ll bet HE’ll be a helluva a drummer too!”


S30PBadge (1)This is a Studio 30 Plus prompt based on Distant Drums. Come check it out if you’re into prompts, we’d love to feature you!

17 thoughts on “BoomBoom!”

  1. Perfect picture to head up the story. Loved this one, so saucy! It’s one for all the lovers of romance novels, eh? Where are you now? We’re heading out from La Cruz finally, probably out to Punta de Mita tomorrow and then Mazatlan and across to Baja California Sur. Want to cruise the islands of the Sea of Cortez. Hoping to blog again this afternoon, took a break for a month, got to warm up the brain cells and fingers.

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    1. We are in Mita! Come join us… stay a while and take a break from the la Cruz nasty conditions. Too early to head up North yet. Looking forward to seeing you, I have pictures for your blog taken at Los Arcos.


    1. I do love to write dark stuff. Recently most of my prompted pieces have been darker, where good people die for no reason or kids become serial killers… I love to explore my dark side, it makes me see things I never would have otherwise.


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