Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

The sun rising on our crossing of the Sea of Cortez
The sun rising on our crossing of the Sea of Cortez

Change. It’s inevitable. Everyday brings new hope. Hope for change. Hope for something new or different. A job. A child. Or even something as simple as a smile: sign of acknowledgment and recognition.

I took this picture as I crossed the Sea of Cortez and woke up. (Who am I kidding… Waking up is not  something you really do during a crossing, in order to wake up you need to sleep, not sure if dozing off is considered sleep-sleep just as Roman Polanski’s attack wasn’t rape-rape, right Whoopi?)

We left San Diego at the end of November. I had 6 months to find suitable employment. Six months to make contacts, build a network, and secure durable work. That was the deal. If by the time November rolled in I hadn’t found THE job, then we would return South where we could live off the hook. Off the grid. No bills. No mortgage, rent, electricity… nothing!

So back to the morning where I kind of woke up and watched the sun rise… Tears ran down my cheeks. Despair from giving up on my search mixed with tears of joy and hope. I didn’t know what this new trip would bring me, but one thing I did know was that this time I felt better prepared.

I do not regret a thing. Not one iota. And each new day brings me more uncertainty, more challenges but such fun!

NOTE: Living off the hook is cruisers’ talk for being anchored.

wordpressThis is the DailyPost Weekly Photo Challenge: Change.

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25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change”

  1. I’m going through now also. After 15 years of living in our motor homes and traveling around USA, we decided to purchase stationary home for awhile. Difference is that I’m retired and have an income. Good luck on your journeys


  2. That’s truly amazing. Even with our move, we aren’t going to be off the grid. Heck, we’re not even downsizing really, although I wish we would. But at least we’ll be in a place we love.


  3. What an amazing view to wake up to. I also had to make a similar decision five years ago, whether to carry on working overseas and living life six months at a time, or return to the UK and make a base for myself. Whatever happens, just enjoy the journey 🙂


      1. I think it’s because you know you’ve made the effort to either stay up all night or get up early to see them. You feel so superior knowing that, whilst you’re enjoying the sunrise, everyone else is still in bed 🙂


  4. Whatever comes, I believe you’ll be able to handle it. You’re right about change being inevitable, but I, for one, could do with some stability for a change (see what I did there?). I have had enough if change these last few years.


  5. This one makes me feel oddly on-edge. I assume that’s because you described so well that first step from the known into the unknown.


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