What Else Is New?

It depends on who wants to know…

wordpressThis week I submitted my first entry in the Weekly Photo Challenge. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying looking at the hundreds and hundreds of submitted posts. I give credit to Tara for allowing me to discover this cool source for prompts.

One of the entries in this CHANGE themed prompt talked about how certain things never change. He also went on to show small details and differences that do offer some change.   If you really look you will find something new, something to talk about.

And, what else is new? Who wants to know?

This is what it looks like from under!
This is what the boat looks like under the water!

If it were another cruiser in the anchorage I would answer that the barnacle season is finally over. In order for me to say this to a family member I would need to get into the details of how we need to wash the bottom of our boat on a regular basis. More often than not, doing it once or twice a month is sufficient. But during barnacle season the bottom does need to be scrubbed weekly. Thank god it’s a short season! And for me to really get my point across without boring everybody to death would be with a little show-and-tell action. Pictures of barnacles clinging to our boat in contrast to the green grassy algae stuff would be self-explanatory.

And did you know there are little critters living inside those barnacle shells? They’re like tiny little shrimpies. And when you brush the barnacle off the boat these little critters fall on you, in your hair, on your wetsuit, every(ick)where. Hence the importance of keeping your mouth shut in life.

What else is new…

Killer sunset!

When all of North America (but us) sprung forward with the time change, I simply assumed Mexico did not observe daylight savings. That is until this past week. We finally sprung. And now when I wake up at 6 am it’s pitch black outside, and the sun sets much later. I’d say about an hour later. The sunsets. They are amazing: a true delight for my eyes and to my camera, which is currently holding over nine-freakin-hundred pictures!

What else is new…

A solitary boat under the full moon.
A boat duo under the full moon.

After Easter our anchorage dropped down to 3-5 sailboats. The official cruising season is coming to an end. When the window opens up for travel more boats show up. There are indeed travel windows since winds and currents change, like everything else, and their direction is what determines the travel windows. Am I boring you?

The current window is wide open for northbound travel and will be closing tomorrow. Many boats stop here as they make their way beyond the hurricane zone. On my last count our anchorage was host to over 20 boats. By Monday morning they will mostly all be gone. Which will be great for the surf and the beach – less people to share the goodies with. (And don’t ever never finish a sentence with a preposition!)

What else is new…

We finally fixed the floor where it was so rotted out I was afraid I’d fall right through it and land in Alice’s Moldy Forgottenland. But nobody really knew we had this issue: the moldy floor caused by a constant drip. What was the source of this drip you may boldly ask? The combo of fridge condensation and a salt-water pump leak pretty much ruined the corner by the sink. And now I would need to explain how we have a sweet salt water pump activated by a foot pedal which is so convenient for rinsing the dirty dishes and for checking out the cool bioluminescence at night. And again I am opening a can of ugly overly-detailed worms.

What else is new…

It took me nearly 700 words of who-gives-a-shit’isms to tell you what else is new in my never changing life.

I just hope you wanted to know.


10 thoughts on “What Else Is New?”

  1. I officially called our bank and got in touch with a real estate agent. As long as I held off on those things, I could pretend all this house buying/selling business was far, far away. It’s a quandary. I want to leave this damn town so bad I can taste it, but am really not looking forward to the buying and selling of houses bullshit. Things are in motion now. And I have not yet freaked out. We have a few repairs left to make, some general sprucing. Decluttering. For Sale sign. Our neighbor actually told us today that she knows someone who is very interested in our house. It is making me nervous because other houses in my neighborhood have been on the market for months already. I have no idea why I am typing all this in your comments section. It’s like a blog post in and of itself. The lineoleum in our kitchen and the pieces of siding with BB gun holes are our “barnacles.” And getting rid of the creaks in the floor. And painting. Steam-cleaning the carpet. And I am still writing stuff in your comments section. I can’t wait to take full moon pics from the beach. Where I live. Because we moved there. Ok. I’ll stop now.


    1. Ha!

      Writing an entire post in a comment section is something I am so guilty of doing. Numerous times!

      We just finished installing linoleum tiles over the partially replaced floor. And since our “kitchen” is so small we covered the entire kitchen space with the new granite looking tiles. It looks awesome.

      BB Guns in the house?!? Gha!

      Buying – selling – moving since it’s in such a happy reason should make it so much easier than if it were for less than pleasant reasons.

      p.s. answer a blog post comment with a blog post comment 😉


    1. We are blessed here with great sunsets (and sunrises as well) and that moon made me swoon! I sat out there singing happy birthday to myself (it was the night before my BDay) so I sang out loud because I decided a beautiful moon was the best gift ever. Of course it was all for me! 😉


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