A Chosen Blanket

Chosen Blanket
A handmade quilt my mother made for me.

Although she stopped hiding her grays years ago, denial would forever be her chosen blanket.

She loved to slam down on the tight skin of her drum with her knotted fingers. This is my favorite song she told the few friends willing to listen to her cacophony. Never did she follow up with admitting that her favorite song was also the only one she knew.

Her smile was infectious. She loved putting on display her collection of pops and cracks: the loudest of them all being the sound her jaw made when she opened her mouth to laugh or to bite down on a big piece of chocolate cake.

Talking about food – she had completely re-written the classification of the major food groups which to her consisted of:

  1. Crispy/crunchy
  2. Dry
  3. Chewy
  4. Wet

She always – ALWAYS made sure her every meal was a complete source of every major food group.

During her years in Mexico where plants and local flora kept her sinuses plugged up she discovered a trick to help fight hay fever. In the midst of a paddleboard ride with friends, one told her if bees made honey with local pollen then that honey could/should act like as vaccine to shield her and minimize her allergic reactions. Everyday she gulped down a teaspoon of a local product while chanting to herself “Just a spoonful of medicine makes the medicine go down.”

She snickered when her new friends asked her if she was retired. Oh no, she told them, I’m just taking a break while I decide what I want to do next. And what better place to do that than smack dab in the middle of paradise…

Her blanket was denial and she planned on never letting go.

S30PBadge (1)This is a Studio 30+ theme prompt: OLD (The one rule is to not use the word in the post).

I tried to describe the person I want to become as I grow old. Rather than choose what I want to do, I’d rather start shaping who I want to be.

wordpressI also wrote this as an exercise to describe a person. The purpose was to submit for the Weekly Writing Challenge at the Daily Post. But after writing this piece I actually read the guidelines. I did not meet them so… back to the ol’ drawing board!


20 thoughts on “A Chosen Blanket”

  1. Your first paragraph was superb writing, it was so good, it could have been the whole piece (I’m so glad it wasn’t).

    shaping who you are never sounded or was written so eloquently. 🙂
    Bring on our “golden years”


    1. Meh. I’m trying not to think of making anything viable for now. Just enjoying the break and playing with a bunch of stuff! (the joys of denial!)


  2. I love it and don’t have any points for improvement. You used the opposite of “old,” which worked out well here, as you are exactly that … the opposite of old!


    1. Bummer – then I feel I’ve failed the challenge. I was trying to convey that although there is denial the body is getting older and older. It was fun to write though!


    1. Age is a state of mind, I agree. I remember watching my ex turn into an old man when he was only in his late 40s. I couldn’t even image how he would look and act today now that he’s 55. I look at my husband who is 52 and he surfs everyday and dresses so young. It IS a state of mind.

      Thank you for your kind words!


    1. I never do forget about the circus. When I was working on a race car team I kept telling myself it was just like working in a circus and going from town to town… Ah the circus life ❤


    1. My mother is a hoot but this wasn’t about her (or was it, hmm, I’ll have to ask my therapist once I find one). I tried to imagine how I want to become as I get older… knowing full well how I am totally a denial person I decided to embrace it rather than fight it (the denial).


    1. Have I ever told you how envious I was of your name? KG such cool initials. I wish I had something cool to work with as well. Sigh.

      Thank you so much for reading and your kind comment. And I do hope the honey works, I’ve been feeling better since I’ve been doing that. And yes, the major food groups do work well to make a meal fun! 😉


  3. Wow, this was great. I really appreciated how you wrote it to describe the person you want to become…I read that at the end and then had to go back and re-read it with that in mind. I think I’d be friends with her/you for sure =) Loved it!


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