Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Definition of a spinnaker by the good people at Wikipedia:
spinnaker is a special type of sail that is designed specifically for sailing off the wind from a reaching course to a downwind, i.e. with the wind 90°–180° off the bow. The spinnaker fills with wind and balloons out in front of the boat when it is deployed, called flying.

A drag car will blow a parachute behind to help it stop but sailers will blow the parachute in front of them pulling them forward.

A spinnaker is flown, not sailed. When you fly, you go up. When you do it incorrectly you are either thrown up in the air and off your boat or you simply throw up. Whether you use it correctly or not, one thing is certain: you will indeed speed up which is why the spinnaker is mainly a racing sail.

Yes – it can be that bad. A spinnaker can and will overtake your boat, it has that power. A measly thin and lightweight piece of fabric can destroy a 20-ton boat. I once aptly called it the pretty thing of death, when I wrote of our near death experience during our 3rd attempt to fly the hellaker.

Oddly enough that our death trap is emblazoned with a butterfly. A pretty little innoffensive butterfly. Or a flutterby as I once heard a niece call it while I most likely snickered at her cuteness. This butterfly only proves once more I am a psychic.

Cue flashback visuals and background music.

I was 5 or maybe 6 years old, the specific age is inconsequential – basically I was young, naive and afraid of my own shadow. Truly, I was a chicken. One day riding my bike alone on my way to the local pool my bike screeched and skidded to a stop as I screamed bloody murder. Just as I was about to make my way into a shortcut through houses a butterfly sat on the ground blocking the entrance to the trail. That’s it. All it did was sit on the ground with its wings open. And I screamed one of those annoying high shrill screams as if Hannibal Lecter himself motioned me to come closer.

I was freakishly afraid of them because of some 70’s B-movie about killer butterflies. My instincts told me I’d be killed by butterflies one day. Little did I know… oh how little did I know!

wordpressThis is my 2nd entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is UPUp can be a direction, an orientation, or even a movement.

Click on the link to discover hundreds others who share truly incredible images maybe you’ll want to link up too!

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35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up”

  1. Hello, Marie. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love the yellow, white and blue of the sail and all the angles you took of them. It must be quite stunning to look at against the sea and sky. Your life sounds so different from mine. It’s such an adventure. I think I’d like to live vicariously through your adventures!


    1. You can certainly live vicariously through me! Right now not sure anybody would want to take my place though, the weather is vicious and I am getting sea sick just from sitting here o_0


  2. Gorgeous photos. My husband used to race boats, although not with a spinnaker, so whenever we are near the water and there is yacht racing, we love to watch the beauty of the boats flying a wind filled spinnaker. I can imagine watching is a whole lot different to sailing though


  3. My biggest problem is that I have no fear. Except my fear of utter failure. And being alone. And death. But that’s beside the point. I used to get in fights at school. All 4 feet 6 inches of me. Punchin’ and kickin’ and spittin’ and hair pullin’ fights. No fear. It’s sort of like that weird disease where the person has no sense of physical pain. I’d fly your spinnaker. Likely, terrible things would happen. Things that involve puke, floating helplessly in open water, and the kraken. But I’d fly it!


    1. I can see that happening! I have fears, and they are what always feed me to act and do stuff so I guess it’s a good thing. In a way. I’ve done some pretty stupid shit outta fear!


  4. Gads, just saw the beautiful shots and read the terrifying prose. We’re leaving La Paz right now as the sun is almost up, and heading back across to La Cruz after several weeks at the desert islands without internet. Nikk says we might fly the spinnaker today “if all goes well”. Hope to get some good shots of the rainbow spinnaker with yours as inspiration. Just read this to Nikk, thanks for the morning laughs!

    Sent from my iPad


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