A talk with Picasso…



11 thoughts on “A talk with Picasso…”

  1. Did he really say so and if so I do not think I agree. My art is not a lie it is an interpretation of what I can see? : ) I also did not much like the work of Picasso being the little realist that I am.


    1. I’ve seen this quote in many places so I honestly do believe he has said it in an interview. I love his work! I love seeing both sides of a woman simultaneously…


  2. We could probably talk for hours about what he meant. To me, it means that art is not the real thing, but usually a representation of something else.. It doesn’t matter anyway, Judging by his art, it might mean nothing at all, or it might be very deep.


    1. I agree with you – it could generate a lot of discussion. To me though it’s like art is created so that makes it a lie but the emotion it provoques is the truth part of it. I do love Picasso though… I see him as someone who doesn’t care about critics. And I love that about him.


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