Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above – MY WORLD


“From Above. Change your perspective on something. Share a photo of a subject which you shot from directly above.”

This is a view into mine own own world – my home from up above as high as I can get without climbing up the mast. My home is a boat. My boat is called Mi Casa, because it is my home. People name their boats. They name their boats to give it an identity, a meaning. Some seek deep thoughts in their names. I may as well have called my boat The Boat, because in reality calling it Mi Casa is just that. With a touch of the love I have for the Spanish language.

It’s like calling your dawg Deeohgee. Say it out loud: Deeohgee. Funny how it sounds like you’re actually spelling D-O-G because that’s exactly what you’re doing. It’s a in-your-face to the up-nosed-snobbery.

From above.

Don’t snobs look at us from above? Snobs.

snobs bore me.

They lack creativity. They (as in they; I mean most) lack personal voice. They (as in they; I mean most) take what they think is above all. They (as in they; I mean most) borrow quotes from Goethe which nobody understands because it signifies they have read, they have learned. They (as in they; I mean most) name drop like pelican droppings on my boat. On Mi Casa.

Can you hear my voice? Can you hear the cartoons in my mimicking and sarcasm? Do you know the precise moment when I lean to the side while I write so I can… fart? Just a bit? Just a small allowance of air exchange? If we were talking face to face you’d see me do that. You’d know how I just cannot walk and fart. I need to stop to allow a slight opening for the relief to exist … “Aaaaahhhh.” Then you’d see the smile in the corner of my eyes. You’d know I couldn’t blame the smell on Deeohgee not just because I don’t have a dog but because you actually saw me. Heaven forbid you should smell me.

I am Marie and my biggest cultural influences are Bugs Bunny and Wile E Coyote and you would never guess I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Research and Influence. And how many times have I said and in that sentence?

wordpressThis is a super splash combo post from two prompts hailing from the über chic peeps at the Daily Post. Firstly there is the photo challenge: FROM ABOVE. Secondly and of course lastly since there was only two from today’s daily prompt: IT’S A TEXT TEXT TEXT WORLD. Yes, I am a mad scientist.


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above – MY WORLD”

    1. Oh boy, are you saying that by being the antithesis (or something like that) of life’s snobs I myself made a value judgement call, henceforth I suck too? Welcome to the club of suckers B’Man!


  1. this has noth9ng to do with the current prop. This morning I heard shattering news. The Flintstones never ate a bronto burger in their life because, quite simply, the brontosaurus never existed, I drove home put the food away and tried to have a great nap, troubled though I was to hear that my children’s hero was in never never land, a land where there was no brontosaurus to eat., and thought what on earth did they eat????


  2. You’ll be amused to know I was thinking of this very thing. Not galleys or snobs, but farts, and specifically women who make like they don’t ever let them. Do you know how HARD they make life for those of us who let them rip.


    1. I wouldn’t know.

      I always pretty much exclusively fart the silent ones. The mighty stinky ones. Man… do they ever smell.

      My sisters once told me the golden rules of being out at a bar: a- you never yawn; b- you never blow your nose; and c- I stopped listening to them knowing it would yet be another rule I’d broken.

      Ha! You and me are rule breakers…


  3. Love your photos.I didn’t get in right, Thats what I get for reading while sitting in traffic. It’s not looking up, it’ s looking down. . Nice work.!


  4. I just noticed the other day that there are a lot of people in Wales who name their house ‘Cartref’ (cartref means home in Welsh). There’s even a care home on my street named – you guessed it – ‘Cartref’. It must get really confusing when they have to fill out bi-lingual paperwork 🙂


    1. That’s hilarious! And boats hail each other on the VHF by boat name, that must get pretty confusing too… “Is this the Cartref with the blue haul?” hahaha


    1. Oh no! My dishes were not done and I debated over cleaning up prior to snapping a pic but if you’ve also noticed I’m still in pj’s (you can see my toe!)



      1. Truth be told, which is rarely the case with me, a couple of unwashed dishes in OUR sink would be a really special, fancy, clean day.

        And yes! PJs! MUCH respect for that, too. See? Neat.


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