A Mad Dash and a Sprinkle

source: royalty-free images from iStockphoto.com
source: royalty-free images from iStockphoto.com

“I quit!” just as she was stomping back to her office, Rose heard her mother’s voice whispering to her to not ever slam doors. “A slammed door is always so hard to open Rose.

She fought the tears as she gathered her few personal belongings. Just before she walked out she took one last look around her. And then she left her old world behind her never looking back. “Don’t look back,” she told herself “you may not persevere.”

She walked home and detoured via the park. She even, for the first time in years, took the time to stop and watch the buskers. Tumblers, guitar players, and even mimes filled the park on this beautiful sunny day. She’d been missing out on so much… and for what? A job where she was under-appreciated?

She took deep breaths and accepted to buy a flower from a vendor. “A gift of love,” he said. And she did. She loved herself. She deserved the flower.

She heard screams of joy up the street. They came from the opposite direction from her home. She followed the screams, accepted their invitation. And then she saw them: children running, screaming and jumping through the sprays of a sprinkler.

Rose made a mad dash. She tossed her briefcase in the air and let out a loud “Whooopieeee!” as she jumped through the jets.

S30PBadge (1)This is a Studio 30 Plus prompt: SPRINKLER. Come and join the fun… You know you want it! Two new prompts are posted each Sunday evening. Sunday, cause that’s my fun day!

This was purely and entirely fictional. I ran with the sprinkler and the story of a woman wanting to jump through it fully clothed took over.

9 thoughts on “A Mad Dash and a Sprinkle”

  1. We should never stay one moment in a place where we feel our gifts are not appreciated. Let’s hear it for the sprinklers and opening our hearts to all of life’s joys. I thoroughly enjoyed this, Marie. So nice to meet you.


  2. I feel that way every time I watch my son run through the water spouts at the zoo, and I’m too self-conscious to join him. Oh, the joys of childhood! Thanks for the encouragement to free my spirit, Marie!


  3. Oh this is perfection.. It’s fun and whimsical. I wanted to run with her. Plus the way you wrote it was so well done.. It flows and the end is so joyful that I squeeeeed. Oh yes I did.

    Long live PINK.. and Rose!


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