Weekly Photo Challenge: The Many Patterns of Mexico

Oopsie daisy! This first mosaic was created when I went with textures for a prompt… How the heck could I have done that mistake? Not sure, but below is a more direct collection of images for patterns!

I love Mexico. The sights, the colors, the smells, and especially the people. It is vibrant with life. The colors of the houses, the details in the tiling, and the clothes that hang to dry: each create a pattern coming together to tell a story. The story of a culture rich with history and heritage.

wordpressThis is the Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern.

Oddly enough when I compiled and edited my pictures for the prompt I had the word texture in mind. Silly wabbit!

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39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Many Patterns of Mexico”

        1. Years ago in another lifetime, my ex said it was time to re-paint the garage door, the front door and all the wood trim. I ran to grab my paint palette and immediately started suggested bold blues and greens. He looked at me like my hair transformed into snakes and yelled BROWN! WE ARE STICKING WITH BROWN! … that’s when I knew it was over.


  1. I am in love with all the color and folklore that represent my culture, living right on the northern border, we lose that color in our public spaces though some of us keep it alive in our homes through textiles and pottery brought back from trips… thank you for such a lovely appreciation of Mexico, Alexandra


    1. I so very much love this country. There appears to be a very distinctive mentality to the people, most I meet are very humble and easy going. You are lucky to have such a heritage!


    1. Haha! It was quite the hilarious moment. When the locals looked at us like we were really cooky I started explaining in my best spanish what we were up to. Did they ever laugh (at us?).


  2. You’re as clever and perceptive in your photography as you are as a writer. How clever and perceptive is that? A lot. A lot clever and perceptive. Great work.


    1. Say it with me Mynx: I. Am. An. Artist.

      It didn’t even hurt… tomorrow we’ll work on the beautiful. Hey, you should join these challenges! They’re fun!


      1. Spelling beautifully is quite a skill, but sometimes spelling creatively is more important πŸ˜‰ And thank you for your kind words…


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