Enjoy the journey


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      1. Sure! Even if I have no road to travel upon. I’m a great companion. I usually fall asleep asap in a car! 😉 And then I wake up to eat and beg for a pee-pee stop!


      1. They are soooo good! They are made in Lancaster by the Amish people. I should do a Blog on the culture, it’s a positive on many levels.


    1. Not all who wander are lost. Most are just looking for a toilet. Did you ever jump in the car and flip a coin at each intersection to determine where to go and discovered really cool stuff you didn’t know were there? I found an amazing little lake once that way, but then I never found it again!


      1. There’s a particular bar in Vermont.
        No idea where it is, but every so often when I’m up that way, I wander in. I’m always surprised when I do, and always glad when it happens.


  1. So so true! SO many people get caught up in staring at the end point while all the adventures are hidden in the road towards it! ^_^

    Now I want a snack, but it’s 1.30am already, so probably not wise…


  2. Great photo! I think those words are something everybody should live by. There are no guarantees in this life, so why not make an adventure of it? My wife and I are back road, dirt road and no road kind of travelers…


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