Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says More Than You Know…

In San Diego, as you drive Southbound on the I-5 near the border you will see signs warning you of people walking or running by the highway. The thought of a family running to a new life, in a new country across 8 lanes of traffic always shocks me into silence. Actually the image on the left was taken at the Centro cultural de la raza (the Mexican people’s cultural center) in San Diego. It is the actual sign but an artist added the angel wings to the characters. I thought it was fascinating how a simple iconic modification became a full-blown editorial.

I wonder how many people die yearly as they make their mad dash for the American dream.

I love taking pictures of random signs. Signs with spelling mistakes, signs that are funny, cool signs, and especially signs that are oh-my-good-lord-did-you-see-that? I happened to have a collection of images of signs I’ve seen through the years.

Rather than comment on them individually (which is a lie because if you scroll over them you’ll see a caption), I’ve Photoshop’ed the hidden meaning to each of these gems.

What a fun prompt!

wordpressThis is my take on the Daily Post Photo Challenge: The Sign Says:  Signs. Funny, poignant, symbolic, incorrect, informative, foreshadowing…there are so many signs in the world. 



32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says More Than You Know…”

    1. Yeah, it was fun. But I think I should stick to limiting myself to just one pic not a whole batch of them. I just can’t prioritize. It’s a lifelong issue… 😉


    1. Seeing that sign by the highway is one thing. But seeing this version with the angel wings has quite a different meaning. One that renders me speechless!


    1. Yeah, I think the caution sign is my fave too. I actually just took it out of the mix and placed them above on their own. I think they have more impact that way. Very bittersweet indeed!
      Thanks for your comment…


    1. Cheating? Every one of those is an original click and shoot with a 2nd version where I put in my words. I’m not a cheater… waaaahhhn! Haha!


        1. Thanks… I hope you don’t think I was insulted by your comment by the way. Sometimes I wish I could translate my emotions better in these so people could hear my humor! Aaah the blandness of black and white transcribing of feelings!


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