Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting – Lucky Shot

I begin each day with my favorite ritual:

  1. I wake up (this is a must);
  2. I climb up the 8 steps leading me up top to the deck; and finally
  3. I take a glimpse at the sunrise.

Most times as I am making my way up a flock of pelicans fly over like a troupe of fighter planes. This usually happens when my hand is empty without a camera on-the-ready to capture the moment. But then, there are times when this happens:


I enjoy regular paddleboard rides with nearby friends. I am of the lucky and fortunate ones who happens to live on a boat, and currently this boat is in paradise. That’s the best part of being unemployed and suffering from one of the worst labor market hits in history.

I’ve recently decided that a must-have on these rides is my underwater camera. I chose this particular camera because it not only came with a hard case in order to withstand the pressures of a dive, but because the camera itself is fully submersible. Technically. I find no matter what setting I choose for out of water shots, the pictures are always over-exposed. Sometimes this works in my favor.


What does fleeting mean to you? I love this word because it can mean so much, and depending on where you’re at in your life it can change meanings for you as well. It’s a beautiful word. Almost as good as the word me.


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51 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting – Lucky Shot”

    1. They live part time on a BARGE? Oh my… that sounds so big! I doubt they have space issues. We’re constantly trying to figure out where to put what. And then begins the treasure hunt to find just where we put our things. But a barge? Wow.


    1. You’ll be sad to hear that the fog was not there. Not outside at least. I think my under water cam may be broken. That appearance of fog was all internal. When I removed the memory card it was all wet, so was the battery. I’ve left it open to dry for the past 3 days and now I shall go test it out again! RIP.


        1. I just played in the water with it and so far it appears fine! I think salt water drying on the batt cover may be an issue (I REALLY need to start rinsing out with fresh water) because it probably wasn’t shut snuggly enough… That’s what I think for now, the o-ring looks undammaged! Keeping my fingers crossed my SLR is already on the kilter, my snap and shoot Canon is also on the kilter. I left on this trip with 4 cameras and I’m down to 1 reliable thing (and it’s my phone, but takes amazing pictures). We’ll see! I just need a GoPro!


  1. I’ve always thought of the pelicans cruising by in Vee-formation to me like a gang of motorcycle riders… Kind of menacing, in that you can almost hear their theme music playing. (Menacing to fish, anyway.)


    1. Ha! That’s a cool visual. I see fighter planes, always have… And I agree on the menacing theme music to them. I think I may now start seeing them as some kind of Hells Angels gang on the warpath.

      Nice to hear from you again! How’ve you been?


    1. Thanks. The last one is very dear to me. It also represents my dive camera is ruined. I thought it was fine but on a re-trial today after playing with it, I removed the battery and it was wet. But because of this dammage I captured the pier with the appearance of fog. At least some good came of it! 😉


  2. You probably don’t realize it, but reading these kinds of posts from you calms me so much. All the stupid little first-world bullshit things I worry about just kind of….. fall away. It’s suddenly like anything is possible again. Peace is possible. It is possible to be grateful for lungs full of air and the sun and grass and nothing else. Nothing else in the world matters. We are here for so short a time. So short. Thank you, lady. I love you.


    1. Really? Wow. Such a nice thing to say. Sometimes, you know, all you need is to back the fuck away from the crap and turn around to look, really look, at what surrounds you. Be it beauty from the nature or from the family, be it friends, love, family or just simple things like a butterfly or watching an ant work so hard. I love watching ants. They really do work harder than anything or anyone else. I’m happy I’m not an ant, just happy to be a kick-ass aunt.

      I think you’re amazing btw.


  3. I have to agree with the Goddess. Your posts are often a salve on the raw skinned knee that is my tired psyche. This one is a great example. It probably helps that there are pelicans in the shots. I love pelicans. It goes beyond the photos, of course. Your perspective is wonderful.


      1. I set up an account so that I could leave comments, but officially I am still hanging out in Bloggerville. Someday, I’ll graduate…


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