Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through My Eyes (Of a Lizard)

He's the cat's pajamas
He’s the cat’s pajamas

I grew up in Montreal. It may get unbearably hot and humid in the summer, but it’s frigidly cold for the major part of the year. To happen to come across a lizard as I make my way to pay my rent is never anything I could have imagined happening to me.


If you knew me as a kid you would know that crossing this little dude would not go without any extreme emotion on my part. I don’t scream when I see bugs in my home, I just freeze with paralysis. I’m afraid of little critters, and yes – I do believe they could eat me up. Gobble-gobble.


This week’s photo challenge is to show the world how I see things – through my eyes. As I look at this sneaky little critter, and look into his shifty shaded eyes I can’t help but wonder how does he see the world? Did he freak out as much as I did when we nearly collided into one another?

Did he, as I did, want to pull his cell phone from his pocket in order to capture the moment and share it with the world on Instagram? Or did he come home for supper and tell his wife “Oh Midge, you wouldn’t believe the insane woman who nearly stepped on me on my way home from work today! Please make me a Manhattan. And make it a hard one. I’m sober, not thirsty, and my little paws won’t stop shaking. I thought surely I was going to have to grow a new tail. Again.”

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30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through My Eyes (Of a Lizard)”

  1. Love the thought bubble of the lizard at the end. We have cats that absolutely go crazy with the lizards, who I am sure position themselves in such a way to inspire this reaction. Sort of dare devil lizards!


    1. Yeah, it was very Far Side’ish. I’m a fan of The Far Side. Or is that “was” a fan of it?

      Cats playing with the lizards… what is the world coming to?


  2. I live on the east coast of Australia and our garden is full of lizards, bugs and spiders and the occasional snake. They seem to thrive in our garden, when we get visitors from overseas they are often quite terrified of something we take for granted


  3. People always say that you shouldn’t be afraid, they are smaller than you. I hate that. Then I saw a quote on Pinterest that gave me the perfect comeback: “Oh yeah, so is a hand grenade!” That ought to shut them up.


    1. That’s a good one. Also those who say that never tried to sleep in a tent with a mosquito. Size does matter and small can wreak havoc!


  4. What a wonderful lizard. I would have been taking photos too. And i reckon you are spot on as to how they feel when they encounter one of us huge humans. If I was a lizard I would be pretty freaked out, especially if the human tried to grab me (as would happen with my family)


    1. Boys will be boys… I have a friend who picks them up all the time (he’s in his 60s) and takes them into his boat (he says it’s the best way to keep the bugs away) but his wife does NOT like that at all. Arguments always ensue… And then I laugh. And then they tell me not to laugh. WHich makes me laugh harder. 😀


  5. YOur post really made me laugh. I’m also irrationally afraid of tiny critters. I could NEVER touch a lizard or a spider, but I had no fear at all having a python put around my shoulders. Crazy isn’t it? 😀


    1. A python wrapped around your shoulders? I’d prefer having Brad Pitt wrapped around mine, but I can see how the python could happen. Especially in the right context with a nice man assisting making sure all is fine. But if the python was a random python slithering through the branches as I happen to be taking a jungle walk then by golly that python would not be permitted to grace my shoulders. If he had a face like Brad then I’d be open to discussion!


  6. Lizards hate me. I think they’re kinda cool. But not as cool as *your* lizard, asking for a Manhattan because he was sober, not thirsty! Brilliant!


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