Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable Talia de México

IMAG0685Meet Talia. She is the most companionable dog you will meet. Until your plate is empty that is. At which point she will either remain by your side or seek out new friends with benefits. Talia is the resident dog at a local beach restaurant. Her fur is soft and begging for your hand’s touch.

She does not bite. Mexican dogs rarely do. Like most Mexicans, dogs sleep during the day’s peak heat hours. They (the dogs, not the Mexicans) sleep on sidewalks. They (the dogs, not the Mexicans) sleep on the street. They (as above) don’t always make it to the shade when their nap is hounding them.

Many are abandoned, and even mistreated. You can tell by how their backs curl up with their tails hiding into their belly when you approach them. If they do allow you within their inner circle they will be your undeniable and unconditional friend. For life.

wordpressThis week’s photo challenge is COMPANIONABLE. Check it out!


29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable Talia de México”

  1. The dogs in our burg enjoy sleeping in the middle of the street also. Must be something about Latin America. 🙂 There are probably several strays also but sometimes it’s difficult to tell which ones are strays and which ones are just occupying themselves by taking themselves for a walk. Beautiful pic of your companion doggy.


  2. Wow…………………my dogs are so bloody annnoying a not that friendly with other people or too friendly honestly the dogs can’t make up their minds how to react to other people………….


    1. No way! Those have to be among the hardest jobs to get, I know, I’ve tried again and again. And then tried a few more times for good measure!

      Oh and thanks!


      1. I’m not with a local chapter. I’m in accounting (I am NOT an accountant) at the HQ of the HS of the US. It’s a great org, but its enemies are many, and strong. I know I’m damn lucky to have the job.


    1. I love black and white. I really do miss the good ol’ days of actual film, and especially the hours in a darkroom. Sigh… Nothing equals the real deal!


  3. I like the editing treatment you did with this image. Great in black and white. I like too that we both picked dogs as our example of “companion.”


    1. I hesitated. Felt choosing woman’s best friend would be too easy, but sometimes it is ok to follow the current and not fight it. Right? And yes, there was definitely some treatment done on this. A lot 😉

      Thanks Tara!


  4. Sounds like the stray dogs in Greece. Whenever I had to walk home alone, one of the dogs would always walk with me and not leave until they saw me enter my apartment. I know that if anybody had tried to hurt me the dogs would have protected me.


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