My Never Ending Wish List

As the prospects for work keep bringing me more hope, I can’t help but to dust off my wish list. I’ve kept it secretly tucked away, and hidden. Sort of like my ab muscles.

I had another job interview.

When I really want the position, more than I realize, I tend to turn into a Wonder Woman of amazing answers. I can always tell when I’m not really interested. Especially when I suddenly react to their portrait of a typical day.

“You would want me to do that? Everyday? I can’t see how this could be any fun at all.”

Recruiters tend to not like that kind of reaction. Or so they say.

This latest interview in question really has jazzed me up like no 4th of July fireworks ever could. The job appears to be tailor made for my own self. The pay is acceptable. And now my fantasy wish list starts lighting up with fairy dust. The top of the list is of course an iPad. That goes without saying.

But what most do not know is I have this thing. Some may call it an addiction. Others could call it hereditary (my mother had it too). And some may even go as far as putting together three little letters in a very accusing fashion: OCD.

I love watches.

There. I said it. So maybe I whispered it. But it’s out there. For all to see. Have I ever told you about the time when I needed to clear up space so I could move out to the USA to be with the love of my life? I donated over 10 pairs of watches to Goodwill.

Call it a small watch museum if you want.

Now that the dream of earning a steady income is almost at my fingertips, I feel the need to grace these fingers with something I’ve coveted ever since I knew of its existence: a Tag Heuer Watch.

tag watchA watch is the major place where I can claim SIZE DOES MATTER. The bigger the better. With lots of dials. God knows I would never understand how to work all these dials, but they are amazing. Metallic casing and bracelet. Style. Prestige. The come hither look that screams “I have arrived. And I wasn’t late thanks to this piece of beauty!”

I may need to dish out an entire week’s pay for this little gem. Or maybe not, since I found the perfect place to hunt one down!

Better late than never…

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31 thoughts on “My Never Ending Wish List”

  1. Holy Moly must be a helluva job! That’s a GORGEOUS watch, though. I yearn for one that doesn’t die on my arm. (Sing that to the 80’s song “I just died in your arms tonight”) I have never in my life been able to keep a watch alive for more than six months. Timex once replaced my watch every four or five months for two years until I gave up. I don’t know if I give off electrical currents or what, but it’s a lifelong thing, and I’m 36, so it started well before the age of portable electronics that could explain the phenomenon. Personally, I think someday, a connection between bipolar and the body’s electrical currents will be established to demonstrate why I had this problem.


    1. I used to have that problem with computers. They would mysteriously blank out. I begged a computer technician to run his Star Trek style scanner over me to see if I was emitting weird shit or something. He said no. Bugger.

      I believe you when you say it may be correlated to being bipolar. At least it may explain it. Electrical currents gone wonky. Ever notice how some people give off more charge then others?


      1. p.s. I still have my first “expensive” watch, a Nautica, which I bought in the 90s. The watch works fine, but the bracelet is being battered by the salty air.


    1. I wear one all the time! Even when I go paddleboarding. I think of it as an accessory. It could stop working and it wouldn’t bother me (I think).


  2. What a strange addiction.. watches.. I haven’t worn a watch in years. I used to have a really nice Fossil watch, but. Who knows what happened to it.


  3. You are not alone.
    I have no very high end watches, but that doesn’t mean I don’t stop in jewelry stores all the time to look.
    There’s one I really want, sadly, it’s only available on ebay, and usually low 4 figures.
    More than I can justify.


  4. Phhhff, SU has a thing for watches and sunglasses. Luckily he likes the Casio price range for watches. Now, if I could just get him to come down from the Oakley sunglasses… 🙂


    1. Ooohhh Oakley. *breaks down in hives* Sadly (or maybe luckily) my astigmatism is beyond nasty, and the Oakley curve just can handle my near blindness.


  5. Good luck on getting that job. I have my own wish list too for when I get a better paying one myself that allows for a little wiggle room with the spending. A new computer’s on top of my list too. A tablet would be great, but I’d be comfortable with a netbook.


      1. I have 2 fossil leather straps (the widest kind possible) holding 2 different Pink Panther (non Fossil) watches. But did you take a good look at that Tag? Come on Mr Fellow Geek – I know you want a Tag!

        Tag – you’re it! 😉


        1. Yes, it’s very nice… and very out of my price range. If I was still a fat, stressed-out loans officer making almost twice what the new job I might possibly be getting, maybe.


  6. I love watches too. I stopped wearing them for a year or so when cell phones were so easy but last year I saw a woman with one on and pulled mine out again. I have a Tag tank that is over 18 years old . I paid for it in installments proudly back then and I got it a new battery for $75,00 and now I am wearing all of my watches again. The Rado is my favorite after the Tag.

    Wear them proudly !


    1. A new battery for $75? Holy tamoly! When my Nautica needed a new batt I nearly stroked ($10) but now you’re having me re-think my wish list…



      1. I used to have it re-sealed but then I realized that I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER be scuba diving so what was the point 🙂 Now it’s $30.00


  7. Good luck with the job! I have a thing for watches too. Nothing expensive. I look at it like this – it’s almost as expensive to replace the battery as it is to replace the watch. And it’s getting more difficult to find a jeweler who will actually change out batteries for you. Just get a new watch…


  8. I can’t get anyone to replace the battery in my old Fossil, but I refuse to give it up. Love that watch! Good luck on the job search, and congrats on the sponsored post!


    1. I replaced it myself! Just pop open the lid with your teeny tiny screwdriver and bring that battery to the gettin’ place, they’ll sell you a new one and place it in the watch!

      It’s easy (but of course you need one of those screwdrivers, and of course I have a bunch of them!)

      Feed the OCD.


  9. Now I have job envy AND watch envy. I used to keep all my watches – even the dead ones. For years, I had TWO of the clear plastic Swatch watches. Wait. I might still have one of those. [scamper away]…


    1. Well since there is no job yet, nor is there a cool new Tag on my wrist – there is not reason for envy. Yet. I will get that job though so you can start gearing up on the envy… 😉


  10. I love watches… on others. I think they are beautiful little, timeless works of art. But I don’t have any to brag about. I mean, there is the Fossil watch my mom gave me a million years ago that’s worn and nicked and has certainly seen better days, but at this point it’s just a precious keepsake to me. I love Tags though. They’re just gorgeous. I’d be so afraid to lose it or bang it up though. This is why I can’t have nice things!!!

    I wish you the best of luck with the job, Marie! Do let us know how it goes! XOXO


  11. My current watch is a gorgeous bangle style with a floral band and sparkly bits I found in Phuket and just love.
    Watches are addictive, I just don’t feel dressed with out mine.
    As for iPads, well I am hopelessly devoted to mine. It is never far from my side.
    Fingers crossed you get the job


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