Feeling the Heat!

I know, I know – it’s stinking hot where you’re at too. Yadda yadda.

I’m alone. Like really. He made one call, then purchased a plane ticket because the person he called hired him instantly. I won’t go into details about what I’ve been doing trying to secure employment. I would sound like one of those who complain about the heat.

It’s good though (the free time, not the heat – don’t get me going) I get to do really cool stuff. This morning on a paddle board ride I glided by a big jelly fish. Yadda yadda, caught it on film (a friend corrected me on Facebook that it wasn’t on film, we had a debate on what it’s called, and you’ll read down the line how I captured said recording). He was ugly. Alien ugly, not coyote ugly. But very cool, check it out.

See, here’s how I look at it: if I had a job, like a normal one where I must get into my car, wait in traffic, then do whatever it is I need to do to make my way into my corner office with the view – then this gem would not have happened. Did you see how much everything changed once under water? It’s totally friggin’ amazingly cool, right? As I was filming (again, should I have said recording? -but that sounds too audio. capturing? -but that sounds too murderous), it dawned on me that my iPod was in my underwater case, so I plopped my hand in the water and continued filming (I’m sticking with it).

Yup. Unemployed and recklessly ducking my hand in the water inches from a killer jellyfish. Two attributes that go hand in hand: sans job and reckless.

We’ll call you in two weeks, they said. Today marked three. I called. I then left a message. But that’s as far as I’ll go. For now. I may obsessively and compulsively email later on. Then I uploaded my vid on YouTube and shared it with my peeps. Couldn’t have done that if… yadda yadda (the job in the corner office with the view – try to keep up.)

Back to what I was saying, you’re getting me all distracted. Stop it! He’s gone. He’s off and joined a racing team, and is traveling across the States. He’s also complaining about the heat, the work, the yadda yadda. Me? I’m alone. On a boat. In Mexico. It rains everyday. Lightning. Thunder. Every day. And the bugs? Have I mentioned the bugs? Me and agent orange – we be best buds. Don’t you dare mention my ever so constantly falling out hair. Or the zits.

OK. I’ll talk about the zits. Maybe it’s because I’m so engrossed in writing my novel… Saying that still makes me feel like I have a lump in my throat. This novel is a YA (short for yadda yadda), so probably because I’m tapping into the 15 year old realities of life I have this pimple take-over that is ruling my face. My chest. Me neck. (It’s even making me talk like an Aussie.) My shoulders. I do not have enough skin for all this acne. I’m hideous. Absolutely hideous. But my legs look fab, I know you’d be jealous of my legs. And then you’d look up and scream BUTTERFACE!

I felt like since I started writing Unique: Story of a Girl that I was totally neglecting this sweet little house in cyberland. Over 30,000 words in case you were wondering. Well, yeah, so there. Am writing, and it isn’t always in regards to be future best seller.

Yadda, yadda.


33 thoughts on “Feeling the Heat!”

  1. I would be so scared if I was on a boat. alone. in mexico. You are a brave just for that lady. Maybe the stress is making you break out, it has a habit of doing that to me too.

    Keep going on that novel! I can’t wait to read the tragedy that is Unique… πŸ™‚


  2. ouch on the pimple side effects of writing YA…did not realize that happened….alone on a boat in mexico…i am not feeling a violin moment for you on that…ha….cool on the jelly…saw a huge one sailing once as we were jibing and thought i was going to fall right in it…eeppp


  3. Nice legs, butterface! Remember these days. On your book tour, people will ask about your process. “Jellyfish, bugs, zits and solitude,” you’ll say. “Thanks for reading. Next!”


  4. I hear you about working. I’m so happy that we don’t have to do it. That doesn’t mean we have a lot of money, because we don’t. We are just too darn busy living life and exploring to work.
    Enjoy your time alone, it doesn’t happen to most of us very often.


    1. I am doing the most of this time. Looks like he may want to come back earlier, then I’ll no longer be able to get up at 4 in the morning to write. Or maybe I will, but he’ll be annoyed by it. Confined spaces suck sometimes.


  5. I’m sorry. I’ve been there so many times. It sucks. Being alone. I’m on the opposite end with the job, though. I wanna quit mine so fucking bad. I haven’t started doing shit to get myself fired yet. So at least there’s that.


    1. At least when he left we took up a slip in a marina. I couldn’t imagine handling this if we were still anchored. Especially with the constant storms. Brr.


  6. Seriously? I was scared of a loon at the reservoir today that wanted a piece of my sub sandwich.


    On a boat??

    In Mexico???

    Eso es una locura (or however the locals say it)!!


    1. It’s not madness… it’s an escape. I think.

      Loons can be vicious. They’re like swans. Oh and swans are pure evil. I once had to run away from a swan who was attacking me. He thought I was a paparazzo taking pictures for the tabloids. It was pretty much the most frightening day of my life. Until we sailed the spinnaker.

      I feel safer here than just about anywhere else I’ve ever been!

      p.s. always protect your sandwich.


  7. And geese! Don’t forget how annoyingly agressive geese can be and unfortunately I know that a bite from a goose hurts. One went after my three year old girl when she was walking on a path that the goose must have thought was too close to it’s place on the lawn. I bravely got between them and received a nasty nip on the calf for my rashness.

    And you reminded me to get out there on the water despite the heat, humidity, thunderstorms and bugs. Welllll….maybe not on the water in thunderstorms, eh?


    1. I’m in absolute denial about the money issue… If I weren’t I would have said ISSUES with an s as in many of them, but denial is bliss.


  8. Not the least bit hot here. We had wind, rain, hail and even some snow..in other word, it is bloody freezing.
    Like the others, I think it very brave of you to be alone on the boat but you are so awesome to be writing a book (and not getting killed by killer jellyfish)


    1. It’s funny because, would you believe that when I write that sentence I actually thought of you and almost mentioned how you were probably the only one who wasn’t sweltering? πŸ˜‰

      If you knew how it was here, you’d feel as safe as I do… This place is bliss.


  9. fortunately, I live near NY Harbor, so when you avoid all the landlocked states on your bestseller tour, I’ll still be able to come as you cruise by on the boat.


    1. Hope your catching some of these waves. Are they bigger in the summer time? Here things get wild in the days following the hurricanes. NY harbor hunh… cool!


        1. Dude. What are you waiting for? Your board will shrivel up and dry, they tend to do that when they’re ignored you know. Go out! Call in sick. Tell them you have vision problems and just can’t see yourself coming in. (Stole that line from the hubby, it’s grand)

          Life’s too short to wonder where the breaklines have gone off to.


          1. Amen! Sadly, too much other stuff going on that I won’t abandon my wife to deal with on her own.

            Going to take a mental health day soon just to get out there.


          2. Nono, there are responsibilities we can’t avoid right now, and I won’t leave her alone for that.
            I have thurs off as a mental health day, with a doc appt in the morning.
            I’m hoping we can do something outside-y then…


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