They Call Me Maria Blanca

I have found a sense of deep and utter peace in Mexico. This image, which is exactly the same image, but with different edits, represents my current state. Floating. It also represents what I believe is happening inside my stomach. Have you seen the movie ALIEN? I have been swimming, and riding my paddle board every day. I see more and more of these things. What if one has weaseled its way in me? And, what if it’s growing, feeding itself from the depth of my belly? And, what if, ohmygosh, again, have you seen the movie ALIEN?

This week, the Daily Post at WordPress has asked us to choose an image that represents a true masterpiece. A jellyfish is a master of a piece. I always thought they just glided, and floated with the current. Being the Jackie Cousteau that I am, I have discovered that they decide where they go. True story. As soon as I u-turned to get closer to this jelly (yes, I u-turned to get up close and personal with this slimy tentacled creature from outer space – I am fearless) I noticed it u-turned as well. Trying to get away from me, the little critter did. (Yoda talk, we are talking outer space shit here.)

One encounter not being enough, I returned for an even longer ride the next day. That time, my path crossed numerous jellies. I was as excited as one can be when spotting a first grey hair, on the head. Grey hairs elsewhere are not fun to find. But, on the head? It means that a- congratulations you still have hair; b- congratulations you can still see; and c- some people do think it’s sexy. Let’s not start talking about weird fetishes though. Not the time, nor the place. My mom reads this blog.

And then the fine people at the Daily Post suggested a weekly writing prompt: incorporating a reel into a post. A real reel? I have let my hair down and created for you (just for you) this special little video movie thing.

wordpressWeekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece.
Weekly Writing Challenge: Reel Talk.
I just remembered I called this “They Call me Maria Blanca” there will be a part 2 to this post, one which will explain why they call me Maria Blanca. It’s not what you think.


31 thoughts on “They Call Me Maria Blanca”

  1. Okay… out of all the Blogs..that is my personal choice for THE masterpiece including the music ! BRAVO! ♛♛♛♛


  2. Totally bad a** jellyfish/water alien! And here I was complaining about the little invisible ones we get during Dry Season. I am applauding your genius! 🙂 Just don’t get tagged by one of those suckers, it’s like getting electrocuted….


      1. Ooohh, did you have to pee on it? Or did some nice gentleman offer to do it for you as they often do here? 🙂


    1. They’re so beautiful to observe though… The first time I plunged my hands in the water with my iPod I did hesitate. But then I thought of the ultimate prize: a video capture of something that really scares the living shit out of me too!


  3. Nicely done!
    Glad you’re having a relaxed time in Mexico.

    (They could call you Mr. Tibbs, but then I’d have to build a whole new mental image of you.)


  4. You’re neat! Jellyfish are cool, too – as long as they respect my personal space.
    And so right are you about grey hairs. By the way, guess which ones fall out and which don’t. Good thing some people find that sexay, I guess! Anyway – why are you Maria Blanca? Is it because you go around insisting that they call you Maria Blanca?


  5. As long as I am not in the water, in close proximity to them, jellyfish are magnificant creatures. My son was stung by one when he was a toddler. Loudest, bloodcurdling scream he has ever made.


    1. The worst sting I ever got was in Fort Lauderdale. The weirdest one was walking on a dock. It freaked me out! Was really weird… But watching these dance underwater is really cool!!!


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