Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow & Ominous

This week we have two prompts that mesh perfectly, like peanut butter and cup, or like hot chocolate and drizzle, or like really too and funny. The universe works in mysterious ways… sometimes it’s not always in your favor. Sometimes its not always in ways you think you want it to go, but need to trust the universe it’s what you need. Or something like that. pelicans on abandoned boatForeshadow. Not the same kind of fore as four, or not even the same kind of fore as head or skin. (Think about it… good. We’re on the same page!) This is very Hitchcock. I see this kind of image in my mind when I read subtitles on movies “ominous music”. We’ve all read that subtitle, yours may have been in another language, but you’ve read it. I love that even for the deaf we need to insist they know we are hearing ominous music. But do the deaf know what ominous music is? I know they hear rhythm and beats. But ominous? It’s like describing the color blue to a blind person who has never seen, nothing, not even the sky!

I also think of the poor chap who owns this boat. I paddle by it every morning. The stench is overwhelming. It’s (the boat, not the stench, or maybe the stench too I guess) always overcome with pelicans. Their poop is nasty! It’s like liquid cement. Stinky liquid cement gone bad decades ago.

lots of wires

Forget pelican poop for an instant if you can. You must at least try to forget about it, because I have another scent I want to share with you. Have you ever smelled burning electricity?

It’s a common fragrance in Mexico. Not in quiet little sleeping fishing villages, but in larger towns. Towns that grew too fast for their true capacity to develop, plan and expand. The smell and stench of electricity is frequent.

You can be walking down a sidewalk after a recent rainfall (other common occurrence in the summer – heavy sudden rain falls) and you’re in a puddle, and your nose sends a red alarm to your brain. First you smell the wetness. Then a sudden odor of burning electricity. Then the alarm goes off. Your brain connects the dots between smell, sight (you see cables, outlets, cables, too many plugs, and more cables, on the ground) then the dots lead to your feet, in the puddle, connected through dots to the cables, the smell, and the red alarms.

<Cue ominous music>

wordpressS30PBadge (1)This week’s photo challenge is FORESHADOW

This week’s writing prompt is OMINOUS


29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow & Ominous”

  1. Love both of these photographs ! The first one I thought the exact same thing , what about the massive amount of pelican poop ! The second is fabulous and I love the effects !


    1. Massive amounts of pelican poop! THAT should have been my title! Haha!

      Actually these are both pics I’ve pulled from my instagram feed. Been meaning to ask you, are YOU on instagram? Let me know you’re nickname on it so I can follow you… Yay!


      1. I don’t go there much. No time. It’s my falling asleep ritual…
        I am “vastlycurious” there. Who are you?


    1. The pelican boat one? I paddled by it again today, this time came close enough to see the port holes are open. No glass! I can’t even begin to imagine what it looks like inside… Wish I had the balls to wander in there… with my camera… and a gas mask!


  2. I love how you write, you tell a story that I get caught up in almost immediately. It doesn’t even have to be fiction.. Just like this one, your memoir and retellings are just as engaging. Then you add those incredible pictures and I’m list for a few minutes.

    I loved everything about this.. Xo


    1. Oh Kir! You make me sigh with joy and pleasure! Thank you so much! I know my writing has a rashness to it that most may find awkward (but it does match my personality) so to hear such words from someone as eloquent as you makes my day… Thanks!


  3. These are great photos and I have the same impression as everyone else. That is because the pictures speak for themselves. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that those birds left a hefty mess. Or politely put a pile of crap.


    1. 🙂 the mess is… brutal. I have a pic of this boat which I took in full daylight. I used color slash to highlight exclusively the red haul, and the white streaks are everywhere on it!


    1. You could if you wanted to… most people just think they can’t so they don’t really try. My dad went from cutting heads off to becoming a professional photog!


  4. Gorgeous, love the sunset with the sailboat

    I’m inviting you to come join us for Travel Photo Mondays, the link is open all week starting on Mondays, look forward to your linking up 🙂


  5. I was enjoying the sunset aspect of the first one until it became ominous to imagine lying on that deck! Love your pix and the mental images you’ve created.


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  7. There must be one boat at every marina like that. I walk down our harbor, filled with moored boats, but there is always that one covered in pelicans.

    The sunrise is still gorgeous.


  8. I love both of these photos! I don’t know exactly what processing you did to the second one, but it is awesome! The sunrise is an amazing photo. Up by Avila Beach, there is a place called Port San Luis (you might know it. it’s up above Pismo ). Anyway, there isn’t a local marina in the area so there are quite a few boats moored off shore (like in Monterey). There are also a ton of pelicans in the area. Of course, they are many times all over these boats. Some of them obviously haven’t been visited by their owners in a long time. Those boats are literally covered with pelican doo doo.


    1. Hey Pat!

      The 2nd one is actually entirely processed on my iPod! I used an app that allows color splash which turns the entire picture into a black & white, then you glide your finger on the screen to choose what will return to its original color. The things we can do with little toys these days…


  9. Yikes! And is it okay if I’m sad that pelican poop is so horrid? I really like pelicans. They’re great photo subjects, and such an ancient, unchanged species. And on land, they’re funny.


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