Dog’s Day At The Beach

Eating a sandwich, my friend looks at me and says “Let’s go to the beach again, want to?” We look at the time and instantly decide it’s worth it. It was 3:30, she lives pretty far from the beach, but that didn’t stop us. It stopped him though “traffic will be too intense” he said as he reclined even deeper into the lounge chair.

That didn’t stop us either. I’m glad it didn’t because it was an incredible time! I warn my friend that I want to make sure and get some good pictures of the pier. Because it’s on the opposite end from the dog beach (we had Scatter with us) I need to make sure she doesn’t think I’m running off on her.


  1. A man was walking into the water with 2 surfboards. He looked lost. I told him where the surf was. He explained to me that he’d offered a free lesson to a boy, he was autistic and there alone with his mother. He felt the mother could use the break, and the boy could enjoy the lesson. I took some time to help him find them. “Long blond hair, about 40.” I said it was an odd description for a boy. He said that was the mother. Then he took a good look at me and offered me the free lesson. I realized why he was so keen on teaching the boy.
  2. Making my way around rocks, I spot a little girl. Totally cute, but totally crying and screaming. A woman is 20 feet away from her, taking pictures of her. I stop. The woman, I discover is the mother. The girl is about 2 or 3 years old and is frightened of the water. I approach her, and give her my index finger. She grabs it. I entice her to walk towards her mother. She gleefully agrees. Before she knew it we were both ankle deep in the water. I stamped my feet down splashing the waves. She laughed and did the same. We stomped and stomped while her mom clicked away. She was the cutest little kid, she tugged at my heart.
  3. I was on a mission, and the pier was still pretty far away.
  4. I crossed a gold digger, or a treasure seeker, I didn’t stop to talk to him, he was too busy seeking his treasure, and I pursued mine (the pier).
  5. I saw kids playing in the sand, surfers, and kelp that couldn’t be kelped anymore.
  6. There are rules about dogs and lines they cannot cross. But iguanas? No rules about lizards on the beach. He shifted so Iggy would have better light.
  7. I crossed someone who almost reminded me of Mary Poppins.
  8. Got to the pier and… I yawned. I then realized the prize really was in the journey and not the destination. Damn those guidance counsellors really knew what they were talking about!
  9. I crossed Iggy again, this time he was posing for everybody. I think his tail had been chewed off before.
  10. Mary Poppins crossed my path again, this time she was walking in the waves in her Poppin gear!
  11. Looking at my pictures on the drive back it looked like I even crossed paths with an angel…

I hurried back to my friend in case she needed me with Scatter. We threw the ball to the most clueless dog in the world. Playing fetch is not an innate skill. On our way back to the car, we obviously continued meeting people.


  1. A giant bubble lady was making giant bubbles, she let us try. It was really cool. A bunch of us sat around and stared at the bubbles. I am willing to bet that my friend and I, and Scatter too, were probably the only ones staring at the bubbles who weren’t stone.
  2. A guy wearing a bright construction vest was walking a bunch of dogs. Not 2 or 3 dogs, not 9, 10 or 11 either. He had 14 dogs! That’s more than even a baker’s dozen! He swore they were meerkat dogs and some were African fox terriers. You be the judge on if we should call shenanigans on this odd fellow!

I’ve had an amazing time in San Diego. Sadly there are a lot of friends I did not see, mainly the roller derby friends. I just don’t think I could have gone there and not skated. House rules are strict — I cannot skate without skaters’ insurance. Renewing the policy for a few nights is not something I can afford. Next time…

For now I have a toolbox full of characters for my next books. My future is starting to look bright!

This post is all tensed up! I shift from present to past to whatever other form. Sorry. I just wanted to jot down the list of people I crossed. They were too cool!


20 thoughts on “Dog’s Day At The Beach”

        1. It has weather, what are you taking about? Fog in the morning, chills on ocean front, unbearably hot in the valley, June gloom (but it also rains in December when you’ve just moved into a boat and the windows all have dried out gaskets) did you not see that cloud in the pictures? 😉


  1. This post really makes me miss the beach. Perhaps I will take your lead and take a day trip down there!


    1. The lack of skate was a big bummer! Yes, indeed. Never been to Comicon, but I’m sure the fact its hosted in SD must prove a point right?


  2. Looks like you had a fun day. You came across so many interesting characters. Makes me wish I visited the beach more.

    Wait! I live in the tropics. Why the heck don’t I visit the beach more???


    1. The beaches in the tropics are different. Unless you’re talking a city beach then yeah, you’d see a lot of interesting people. And yes, you should go more often!


  3. She tugged at your heart. . Yeah she did. As did Lost Dude and The Pier and no doubt Iggy. I dare say the magic of that afternoon comes through in you pictures OR in your description. Together, they are almost too much. It’s fucking palpable. Well done.


    1. She totally tugged at my heart. I couldn’t believe it when I walked back to her, handed her my index finger and she grabbed it, and followed me. She was a doll! Sigh.


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