Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea

“A lot of people attack the sea, I make love to it.”
– Jacques Cousteau

I blame the fact that I live on a boat that I love the sea so much. And it is because I love it that I know it, and respect it, and fear it. For to fear, truly fear something, we must know it fully. To know something fully, there must be some form of admiration or adulation.

I spend close to 100% of my time on the sea. My home is on it. I paddle on it, swim in it, float in it, dive in it, and take pictures of it. She is my muse. Often times I really do feel like I am making love to the ocean as she fills me up with joy…

wordpressThis is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea.


39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea”

    1. I am totally trying to bring starfish hair back in style! 🙂

      I knew I would love the sea the day I walked around my home realizing every single piece of art on the walls depicted the sea…


  1. Thanks dear Marie for this post. I love the ocean too. It makes me cry sometimes to swim in it and then find all this crap floating in it. And the ocean must be respected. I am almost not functioning if I live too far away from the Ocean. When my head gets full of crap, I go into the ocean, I dance, I surf, I swim, I snorkel, I freedive, I sail etc. I love it. It is my university and my Home. I feel like I am a human mermaid or a human dolphin and sometimes get suffocated on land. Have to learn how to walk on land.


  2. I think you ‘should’ bring back starfish hair. So much more attractive than the Mullet. Perhaps a faux starfish by braiding (legs) starting from the crown. Pictures are stellar. You are an inspiration!


    1. braiding leg hairs? Is that what you’re saying? Do I need to shave my legs? How did you know? And when are you coming back so we can kick this friendship thing in high speed. I have such high hopes for you… 😉


    1. I can’t imagine it either. When I went back for some races all I could think was how i was suddenly surrounded by so much dirt and missed the ocean badly…


  3. You got a little something on your head there…

    I love the sea, but ever since almost drowning as a teenager, I know I definitely have great respect for the water.


  4. I love all the beautiful colors, what fun!

    I’m inviting you to join us for Travel Photo Mondays, the link runs all week so I hope you can join us for the next installment?


  5. Beautiful images and I love the way you talk about the sea. It is right to have a little fear to go with that love, for the sea is such a beautiful and powerful thing


  6. Wow! What a wonderful life you have! Great photos! Love the scuba one 😀

    I used to want to be Jacques Cousteau, I devoured his books and programs, and I wanted to live on a boat and sail the ocean forever, exploring it.

    One of my favourite books is Adrift: 76 Days Lost at Sea by Steven Callahan… not quite what I had in mind when I dreamed of being lost at sea, but a fascinating view of it. And Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki… still not quite how I imagined sailing the ocean blue.

    You are very wise, and have absorbed the wisdom of the sea through your every pore.


  7. oh what a gorgeous way to share your muse with us, those pictures are simply stunning but my favorite parts are the way you talk about your love affair with the sea, the pictures you paint for us without the lens.

    what a wonderful life you lead my friend. XO


  8. That photo of you with the starfish hat is pretty excellent haha. I wish I had your same admiration of the sea – I have the fear bit covered and that’s as far as a I go!


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