Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated Volkswagen Bug

volkswagen beetle

I stumbled upon a car show. Not any type of car show, a VW car show. In the heart of Mexico, of course. This one though tugged at my heart. Most cars were so shiny, polished, and presented a strict color scheme. This little bug was just all out funky.

I love Mexico.

wordpressThis is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated.


22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated Volkswagen Bug”

  1. funky for sure…and totally cool. my husband had a beetle when we first dated. it didn’t always start when it was time for him to leave…at 1 a.m.


    1. we had a beetle growing up in the 70s. it was so rad, and my mom wore short dresses with thigh high boots, she just looked absolutely gorgeous in her little beetle!


      1. I’ve often thought of having a yellow beetle as my last car before I drive off into the wild, blue yonder, heading for heaven. Who could go wrong in a beetle? Even at 100, I bet I’d look…hot! Well, okay. Maybe…lukewarm. 😆


  2. How fun is that car? And Mexico? I’ve never been but someday I would love to visit. This past spring, we had a parade of VW Busses on Daytona Beach. I should say Caravan. They all drove by and then parked having a party. Some looked much like your photo. And so did the driver!


    1. Yeah, I wish WISH I had a picture of the driver of this car. Or the creator/designer. How cool would that have been?

      You would love Mexico. Forget all the news and stuff, it is peaceful here…


  3. I dated a guy who drove a beetle. It was green and he was a few years younger than me. I think i have had a soft spot for Beetles ever since


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