Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Morning Ride

This is by far the best representation I can give you of my morning ritual: admiring the sunrise, and a paddle board ride. I took this of my friend as she headed out to train for today’s 8K race in a nearby town. She wanted me to join in the race with her, but racing is the last thing I want to be doing right now.

I feel compelled to tell you a little info about my location. I’m in a part of the world that seems to be in a wrong time zone. The sun doesn’t rise before seven’ish. By 7:30 am, it’s still rather dark outside. Which I love, it gives me more sunrises. I never get tired of watching those, although I spend most mornings huddled in my boat waiting for it to be light out. As I get older, my mornings get earlier, and earlier. Today I had to wait over two hours for a first glimpse of those rays.

wordpress This week’s challenge is to show via an image what our morning routine consists of. Click on this link for more great images!


43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!”

    1. On the surf, they can be tricky. But if you build slowly in smaller swells then you’d be fine. On calm water – they allow you to do whatever you want! It’s just a question of balance. You the adventurer though? You’d kick ass!


      1. I’d certainly love to have a go at it. I’m generally OK as long as I can move my feet independently of each other. For example, I can ski but I’m no good on a snowboard. I can get down the mountain on a board, but I wouldn’t call it snowboarding.


  1. I envy your breathtaking morning ritual, Marie. The photo paints me a picture of beauty, serenity, peace. Seems like a lovely way to begin each day!


    1. I do but I don’t really do much on it. How do use yours? Give me a link, I’d love to see it (it almost sounds like “if you show me yours I’ll show you mine”)


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