My Precious: Paddle Board

Credit: Fight Club. Fox 2000 PIctures. Written by Chuck Palahniuk.
Credit: Fight Club. Fox 2000 PIctures. Written by Chuck Palahniuk.

I live on a boat. Space management is a skill that must be developed and handled prior to moving into confined living quarters. In today’s world where self worth is judged on possessions, it’s a hefty challenge to own as little as possible. It’s an ongoing battle. I still want an iPad, a GoPro, a killer strobe for my dive camera, a MacAir, a beach cruiser (that’s a cool-cool bicycle), a car, a puppy, a kayak paddle for my board for when I don’t feel like standing, and a hamburger.

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9 thoughts on “My Precious: Paddle Board”

    1. Hey! I did go there and replied to your comment, I hope you’ll let me know when you get the inflatable… I am now just playing with my new GoPro and trying to figure it all out. Toys – where would I be without them?


  1. Love this post, Marie. Paddleboarding sounds like so much fun! But being landlocked, it’s hard to get excited about owning one…I’ll just celebrate for you and maybe try it when I’m on my dive trip to Bonaire in December… 🙂


  2. I think I would love something like that, or a kayak maybe. I am a terrible capitalist, I love my stuff and have way too much of it.
    Living a minimal lifestyle would be a huge challenge for this little magpie


  3. The state park near me rents paddle boards and my daughter and I still want to try them out. Who knows, I may get hooked too. I already covet a kayak.


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