Take a Walk With Me Through the Mexican Streets!

Going to the lavanderia (laundromat), as I’ve mentioned before is fun here in Mexico. First of all, this is where I become Maria Blanca. And this transformation happens with great joy! I love being Maria Blanca!

The Party Boat
The Party Boat

First we must walk all around the harbor, and go by some pretty cool and radilicious boats. This one, aptly named Chica Loca (crazy chick) is a party boat. It’s a really sweet catamaran groups can rent out, take a 2-hour trip to the local islands and snorkel around. Not sure how much fun it is, but judging by all the people that are always standing with their arms waving in the air like a beer commercial, I’m thinking it’s a sweet ride. Either that or they’re all being help up.

This is the street where my lavanderia can be found. If I ever had a car and lived her for real, I would start with a shitbox, and great suspension. The roads are bumpy. Locals are used to it, they zoom by holes that would make a meteor crater look small. One can always spot a gringo driing down a Mexican street by it’s incredible turtle like speed. Once can just as easily spot a local driving down a Mexican street by the sound of honking horns are silly gringos driving too slowly.

Ta-daa: La lavanderia!
Ta-daa: La lavanderia!

It has been known to happen that when you pick up your clear plastic bag of freshly washed, dried and folded clothes to find a small cockroach hidden among your amazing smelling clothes.

It has also been known to happen that one must insist: “Donde esta mi bolsa negra?” I always deliver my dirty clothes in a mesh black backpack, most times I have to look for it in the plastic bag, and tell them it’s missing. Most times they know exactly what I’m talking about, and without blinking bend down under the counter to give me my bag. The buggers.

By now, I have my backpack hanging on my shoulders and I am drenched in sweat. But because I want you to feel like you’re walking with me, I’m taking snapshots as I go. I think the best comparison I can give you is to think of me as Jim Carrey in the movie Yes Man when to get closer to Zoey Deschanel he joins the morning running / photography group. Of course I took more pics, but I’m keeping it simple to not bore you with the details.

The unfinished building… Again, cruisers will provide you with their version of why we see this a lot. The word around the travelers, is that as long as a building is still under construction, the property taxes remain on hold. I don’t know why, and I don’t know if I believe this urban legend…

IMG_1804Moving right along. As soon as I climb over the fence for the “service” entry to the marina yard (I prefer this one to the main entry, for some reason I feel anxious walking by the guard at the main gate who usually hoses down the entry with an AK-47 slung over his shoulder.) This house is what greets us in the back entry. I think somebody lives in it. Actually, it’s beyond “I think”. And by house, I do mean some form of shelter. And this is not the poverty Mexico we hear about in the news. This is actually a nice dwelling.

Now, if anybody can tell what the hell these things are, I would put a kiss in an envelope and DHL it to you asap. Notice the caption to each of these examples? Have I made myself clear? We have no idea what these things are, for every cruiser you ask, you will get a different answer. Yay!

Now that I am ENTIRELY drenched in sweat, I’ve made it back to the marina. Yay! That old dinghy sat on top of the dock for longer than I know, and for more reasons than I could ever figure out. If you know why a dinghy is sitting on top of the dock, rather than in the water and tied to it – let me know. And our pool… what can I say. It’s small. I’ve rarely used it other than to sit in there with a cold cerveza in my hand, or to play volleyball with friends.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this small walk with me. Let me know if you’re just as sweaty as I am!


17 thoughts on “Take a Walk With Me Through the Mexican Streets!”

    1. the poles? the only thing i can think of are things to detect weather… you know – i really should consider asking those who run the marina, but that would be too logical 😉


  1. Hey, in a minute I’m going to see a lot of the same scenery when we walk over to Ana Banana’s. Love your pics. I think the poles are for huge posters, maybe when El Presidente came to dedicate the marina? The frigatebirds sure love them!


  2. You’ve enlightened my mental musings – I’ve actually wondered what it looks like on the land nearby where you live on the water. Please take us on other little jaunts in the future!


  3. When I lived in Halls of Residence, the cleaners would try and steal my laundry detergent ball from the laundarette every week. Oh, and they also have the no-tax rule on infinished buildings in Greece. That’s one of the reasons they leave the steel rods sticking out of the top (another is incase they want to add an extra floor later on). And, specifically on the island of Rhodes, you don’t have to pay tax if you own an umbrella shop. Hence the reason there are so many umbrella shops there 🙂


    1. How cool! About the rods, and umbrella shops. Maybe the word around the cruisers is true here too then.

      Last night I was unpacking my latest bundle of clothes, and found my favorite shirt totally tore from one shoulder to the next on the back 😦 It wasn’t even ripped, not even a tad bit prior to being dropped off. It really WAS my fave, and now I’m lost without it.


  4. Am feeling a little sweaty, it was a great walk, I really enjoyed a little peak into your life.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Now I am craving an icy cold margarita..


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