Facing an Obstacle: Do you Turn it into an Ordeal or an Adventure? Part Dos

La madonna del autobus
La madonna del autobus

When I wrote the first part, I promised to return with a part dos. I felt I’d gone on and on, without ever really covering what I wanted to talk about! Oh my…   

This title stems from a discussion on the following morning of the night of the living, and the words really hit the mark. There was a time when everything for me was an adventure, the unexpected thrilled me to no end. I don’t know how, nor do I know when I changed. I know I don’t like the new “let’s-turn-this-into-an-ordeal” me. I want to reconnect with my carefree nature.

Tuesday we (finally) left the marina, and headed to our favorite anchorage. It’s in a quiet little fishing village with great surf. They call it Mexican Malibu. Some will debate it’s for the real estate value, others insist it’s because of the waves. I’m rambling.

The first thing I did when we dropped the anchor was to start testing my internet connection. If you remember, I have a small contract right now where 100% of my work is done via the internetz. Staying connected is muy importante. Muy.

I could not pick up a strong wifi signal without a password from from the boat. My internet USB dongle key thingamajig was not strong enough for a Skype call, let alone a Lync call (where we hold daily morning team meetings, muy importante. Muy.) We jumped in the dinghy and headed into town on a wifi recon.

  1. The first palapa restaurant, our usual digs, had no electricidad. Basic math: no power = no internet.
  2. The coffee shop where most hang out for the internet did not give enough signal for a Skype, even less so for my Lync where I couldn’t even log in (remember – muy importante, muy).
  3. I then hit over three restaurants inquiring if they had internet. We ended up having to spend $100 (US, not pesos) to obtain a password. The meal was terrific, but the Lync was still a no go. Bonus: unexpected date night where I discovered that octopus ceviche is really yummy.

And the sense of adventure has returned to me. Yay! I knew I needed to return to La Cruz where I could find good internet. My plan was simple – I would take the bus to a friend’s house who works from her home in La Cruz. A home with good internet. Muy importante. Muy.

Not only was our wifi recon a cool adventure giving me an unexpected date night, but each day’s bus trip was a blast of an adventure. Day 1 had me making a video of the trip. I’ve yet to transfer the content of my iPod to my computer, having issues (yay the adventure) but it will get done. Friday’s return home was a tad bit more harsh as I waited on the corner, in the rain, for forty minutes of adventurously wishing the bus would get there fast.

I must also confess. In this need to re-connect with my carefree side, I did something that could have been pretty dangerous. At the end of my first day, when I walked down the highway to the bus stop, these two guys stopped to talk to me. They, Miguel y Felipe, were in their early 20s. Woo hoo Mexico just won a big soccer match. Or something like that. They were happy and wanted to share their joy – they offered me a ride to wherever I was going. “But I don’t know you!” I said. They easily convinced me they could be trusted. “But it’s 30 minutes away!” I then said. They reminded me that Mexico won. They were drunk. I needed an adventure. I climbed into the back seat.

The ride was deep into the twisted jungle roads. We shared huge bottles of beer, and I could not have been happier. Stupid? Maybe. But happy, and smiling.


17 thoughts on “Facing an Obstacle: Do you Turn it into an Ordeal or an Adventure? Part Dos”

    1. You’re young, and handsome, with a hot and sexy accent – I am jealous of you! 🙂
      p.s. I got in shit for taking the ride, but I loved every single minute of it!


  1. This resonates with me more than you can possible imagine. In many ways, your reclaiming your own adventure is a bit of an Ah Ha Moment for me on this end. There was a time when I was fearless. I moved to NYC as a teenager with a whopping $12 in my name. It was an adventure. When that adventure was done, I hitchhiked from there to New Mexico where my grandparents lived. I used to travel the country by whatever means necessary in which ever way the wind blew me.

    Somewhere along the way, I lost that part of myself. I am sure becoming so ill played a large part in it all, but reading these posts, I realize that I seem to be missing that nomadic gypsy part of my soul even on the inside. It’s just not there.

    And I think it’s high time I figure out how to get it back.

    So thank you.

    Enough rambling now… Didn’t mean to start a novel here!


    1. Don’t let the adventure die Micael! Don’t ever do that, I implore you. You may not need to accept a ride through the jungle with strangers in a foreign country (oh lord) but start small, and keep building. Then write about it, and let me know when you do. I’m looking forward to reading your new adventures. 😉


  2. I don’t think carefree and ordeal are mutually exclusive.
    If your heart is set on something and you don’t get to do it, especially if it’s because of crappy planning or someone in the group being an idiot, it takes some time to get over.
    That being said, I’m wondering if I can grab two days, fly out to try the ceviche, and get back with no one knowing.
    Maybe i’ll just hop in the car and see where I run out of gas…


    1. The spirit in which I see it is that it’s a frame of mind. When your mind is in the “ordeal” state, it is fretting and freaked out. When it is in a carefree state, it is letting go, and just enjoying the moment. Does that make sense?

      I’ll mail you the ceviche. Let me know if I have your address correct:
      El Guapo
      10 Surfers’ Lane
      Greater NYC Area, NY/NJ



        1. Don’t get me going on cheeseburgers. Why is it that every time I order a HAMBURGER I am asked “would you like cheese with that?”

          “No, if I wanted cheese on the burger, I would have asked for a CHEESEBURGER.”

          Spelunktown… *snicker* Antigravity… More catching than Amityville.


  3. Hmm, 1st Day in Bangkok. A man who may (or may not) have been a policeman, a tuk tuk, a temple and a jewelery store..Looking back, anything could have happened, but we kept our wallet, our lives and had an adventure. Sometimes you have to take the risk.


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