Ride The Adventure With Me: A VLOG!

I am enjoying re-discovering what I am made of – one who loves adventures in life.

The journey is never ending, and I so love it. I created this video just for you. It may be hard to hear me over the roar of the bus, however I did put some subtitles in there to make it easier for you. I’m loving this whole making videos stuff.

My name is Marie, and I am adventurous. And fun. And I smirk a lot.

To see more of my Spielbergish takes on life: click here!

S30PBadge (1)I am linking this to the Studio 30 Plus prompt of the week: I AM.


21 thoughts on “Ride The Adventure With Me: A VLOG!”

  1. Fun, Marie! Loved your video! We’re going to Bonaire in a few weeks and I’m thinking of getting the new GoPro (Black Edition) to film the trip and UW since it comes with a 131′ housing! Loved the ducks!


    1. Oh Cathy, you will so love the GoPro! My one recommendation is don’t get the LCD add-on. I hear nothing but complaints, I have made mine to work with my iPod (just any smartphone will work) and it allows you to see what the camera sees. Really sweet! I love mine, and don’t regret it one eye-oh-tah!


  2. I love it Marie! The actual footage, the subtitles, your teeth (honestly, one of the best set of gnashers I’ve ever seen) and finally, the terrible ‘Spanglish’ words across the screen – “El Bus Ride-O” awesome, just awesome.


  3. mis abios de pesce en la cucina! i am soooooo jealous i can’t even explain it. that is exactly where i want to live. and damn those are some perfect teeth. love the titles on the bottom, where things are moving and all. i would have zero clue how to make something like that. you rock.


    1. That’s the line Leo always used to make me say in French…. haha.

      iMovie is such fun to play with, I’m so addicted to it! But thanks, I do rock don’t I? πŸ˜‰


      1. that line is a howard stern line. years ago he would talk about the only thing he remembers from spanish class in high school. “my fishing gear is in the kitchen.” he’d say “mis abios de pesca en la cucina.” i don’t know if it perfectly translates, but it’s what he always said.

        you does rock it


    1. When I blogged under a pseudonym I vlogged twice – but i was wearing a half mask… I’m now loving the exposed vlogging as my own self! It’s fun, obviously!


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