Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light in México!

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Let there be light… Cool topic. WIthout light, not only is there no life, but there is no photography to capture said life. Living on a boat I live by the sun’s hours. On most days, I lay in bed waiting for the sun to rise. Not this morning though, I woke up at 7:12 am and felt like I was a total slug sleeping in.


  1. The bumble bee hive lights were above our table on the night we decided to have a sudden date. I was grumbling because I couldn’t find adequate internet in my new location allowing me to connect on my morning Lync calls. Then Leo said “Look above you!” and then I saw the light. Like literally. He asked me (for a change) to take a picture, as opposed to him rolling his eyes over my need to capture a moment.
  2. The house under construction – now this is cool. It’s backlit, and it was a bit challenging to really capture it. But what I love about this image is how each floor shows an entirely different stage in the construction. Who was working on it? The couple, most likely the owner who live in it. I love Mexico.
  3. Each day Leo takes me to shore on the dinghy, each night he picks me up on the beach to take me back home. On our journey back home one night – our friends yelled for us to stop by for drinks. I captured this sunset as we catted. Have I mentioned already how much I love Mexico?
  4. The Kissing Lane – smoochy smoochy in Bucerias. I love this little town, but hate how the local economy depends largely on tourism, and their purchases of local souvenirs. I can’t imagine kissing in this lane while everybody hounds us “Lady! Lady! Come look! You buy!” oh yeah, they call female tourists “Lady” and that part is a hoot. I think they all went to the same English Second Language classes…

wordpressThis is my contribution to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light. Of course I had to insert a sunset in there, I’m so addicted to them!


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light in México!”

          1. Ha. I love it. I can’t believe how many times you kept going back on the bull!

            And I love the ‘who am I’ video. Very cool way to update your blog readers about yourself. And I love the way you say caramel… Cos, you know, it’s ca-ra-mel. Not car-mel 😉

            Though I suspect that’s yet another UK-US thing.


          2. Wait a minute… Did I pronounce it carmel? No way! I always get flack for saying ca-ra-mel! It’s also a Canadian thing.


    1. Oh, yes, capturing in a painting is uber hard. I have a friend in San Diego, Sarah Stieber – she is amazing at this! She even captures the light rippling through water in an amazing fashion…


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