Merry Christmas… and Merry Everything Else!

10 Days to ChristmasChristmas. It’s always been my favorite of most favorite times of the year. Even when my parents were in their early years of separation and divorce, and it meant spending hours (often alone) traveling between Montreal and Ottawa either by train or bus: it was my favorite time of the year.

What’s not great about it? Everybody starts feeling warm and happy, they talk about gratitude, sharing, love, etc. It’s amazing, even if you don’t believe in the Baby Jesus. However things have changed. It’s now not fully acceptable to wish people merry christmas (hence the lack of caps), and I get it. Being myself a minority, I totally get it. To my catholic friends, and family – I’ll always wish them the best of Christmases. Or Joyeux Noël

To everybody else, take it as you wish, as long as you’re happy and surrounded by loved ones. Then again, I wish you that all year round. So, happy end of year, hope the next ones to come just keep getting better.

Oh yeah, and that above is kinda my 10-Days to Christmas Calendar. Baby Jesus has been on our side, since everything has gone rather smoothly so far, knock on wood (softly rapping my own head). The worst is yet to come. We are currently in Turtle Bay, the northbound crossing of Cedros, the island north of when my red lines end, is what I call The Mexican Bermuda Triangle. This is where I’ve seen the worst of the worst in terms of sailing conditions ever.

Tomorrow, when businesses will re-open we shall fill up with fuel, buy food, as we’ll generally take a full day’s rest today. I have everything needed to bake a lovely tuna casserole. How traditional!

Oh and do try to hang out near the mistletoe, I’m sure somebody somewhere has been wanting to steal a kiss from you… *smack*


11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas… and Merry Everything Else!”

  1. Wishing you the smoothest sail ever past Cedros Island and north! What’s on the menu for today’s “holiday”? I’m fixing green beans and mushrooms with olive oil and butter (heart healthy and not), lemon dill, basil and some wine for that added flavor and the cook’s sampling. About 80 cruisers are meeting at a hotel in Barra for a potluck feast, turkey, and drinks. I’m hoping for pie!


  2. Here’s to reshaping the ‘triangle’ and eating tuna casserole. You capture so much with so few words: The loving childhood Christmas even though the travelling was lengthy…seems to me like you’ve been making the most of journeys for your whole life! Love the total message in your blog today!


    1. Thank you – thank you – and again. How are the dogs? You really do continue to earn your title of Sweet Marie!

      I’ve just finished cleaning out my cup boards, very seasonal indeed! And I am reading and reading… I’m now in a land of werewolves (Shiver Trilogy – meh), and miss John Green’s higher quality of story telling.

      Enjoy the times, my friend!


    1. Oh cool! What a shame… hey, in case you’re interested there’s a writers’ group in La Cruz. Let me know if you want details, it’s a great group!


  3. Got a voicemail message (sort of) from Leo New Years Eve. Could not call him back, number didn’t work. Good luck on your journey North, call if you need a tow. Marty aka pig pen


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