April – International Fake Journal Month!

Where will your fake life take you?
Where will your fake life take you?

Via Facebook (move over college students, MY generation has pushed you out and taken over) I was invited to join in on a fun and fantasy-filled month of play pretend.

Play pretend. Do you remember that? It’s where we create an imaginary world and without effort we simply just believe it to be true. The more I play pretend, the more I believe, the more I allow my brain to believe, then the more I become this. It’s one thing to dream, but it’s another thing to believe. It’s about letting go. It’s about accepting the unexpected. It’s about being open to every possibility. And you’re in luck, I hear they’re in abundant supply these days.


Forget I asked that, you’ll never accept the invitation.

In a dark and scary NYC alley, we pretended to fight.
In a dark and scary NYC alley, we pretended to fight.

The world needs its dreamers. Can you imagine a world without them? What if Einstein, or Chaplin, or Mandela, hadn’t dreamed, and then dared?

Take everything that has ever stopped you from playing pretend, make a list, then put that list in a metal container, and burn it. Say goodbye and good riddance to your can’t-do’s, and your but-but-but-what-if’s. Of course I’m not saying to throw caution to the wind (or maybe I am, maybe for you that simply means taking a different route to work in the morning, or using the blue cup with the chip in it for your coffee).

Won’t you join me, and us (my group of Facebook peeps) and invent a whole new you with a daily fake journal entry for one month? It’s just a month, what else are you going to do? Argue with your household on who’s turn it is to take the trash out? Pff.


IFJM (International Fake Journal Month) right HERE! And say yes to the dress. (What a stupid show, but the saying is very catchy.)


16 thoughts on “April – International Fake Journal Month!”

    1. Yes, I agree with you that it is a very art based challenge. But she does say “writers write” so I’m going with that. I think it’ll be fun to fantasize about as bunch of what-ifs. The only challenge is I tend to run amok in the what-if game and rarely hold back. Are you going to do it?


  1. I am there! I already tried on the dress this morning to make sure it still fits. I can’t wait – have a new blog already set up and ready to go!!! Now the hard part of waiting until April. Of course she did say you could start early, but April is the “official” month – so who knows!

    Mine won’t be primarily art based either. I do enough art in my real world. I’m going back to what brought me to blogging in the first place – creating worlds and story telling! Woo hoo!


  2. Don’t I already kind of do this, with every other Mostly Harmless Drivel piece? That said, however, HELLZ YEAH I’M IN!! Remind me, though – It will be Spring, and baseball will be starting and whatnot. I might forget. And so might Fake Joe.


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