A Vlog: About my Coffee Maker… in Other Words I Need A Life!

Have you met Becca from NotaRedHead dot com? She rocks. She won the Best Vlogger award at TheIndieChicks. Don’t tell her this, but it is my sneaky intention to steal that honor away from her. You didn’t hear it from me, since I’m all about cheering her on… Go Becca (vote for me)! And Yay Team Becca (I rule!).

She vlogged about the Keurig. I must admit, I’m such a stupid monkey that I didn’t even totally catch if she was Team Keurig (pricey instant crap) or Team Real Coffee Maker (for real coffee lovers like me). The day I saw her vlog was the day I was in denial about not having a job and wasting time surfing the web thinking of my maker and wanted to share it with the world.



What is it the bottom line moral here? I do have mad skillz man! And a very nasal sounding voice. What can I say… allergies are killing me!


Make a list of the brands that start with the letter K. Are any of these brands or products good? Don’t touch people’s names that start with this letter, because some of my favorite people in the world are called Kim, or Katie, or Karli, or Keri. But products. Brands. Think about it long and hard – not good stuff.

p.s. I think, I’m not sure, but I may have let a typo slip in one of my ticker lines. So kill me!

19 thoughts on “A Vlog: About my Coffee Maker… in Other Words I Need A Life!”

    1. YOU? Ok, because it’s you – break the rules. It’s ok. Just don’t break the “add water” rule. Or do. That’s cool too you wonderful freak you!


    1. You’re really asking a lot of me… it’s not flavored is it?
      p.s. I do mention milk or cream… How was your coffee today? Not as good as yesterday’s maybe? Makes sense, now that you know there’s so much better out there! Ha!


  1. I hear it! I hear it! And no, it’s not “aboot.” It’s more like “aboat,” which I find totally apropos for you, boat lady! I’ll take your word for it on the coffee (it’s already flavored – coffee-flavored!), because somehow I’ve made it to [your age] without becoming a coffee-drinker. Fun vlog, though!


  2. Finally, I get to see MI CASA galley! She’s beautiful. Love the vLog, love caramel coffee flavor, love good coffee…not the French roast stuff. Oh, dear, maybe I broke too many rules? Cheers, Lynn, s/v LA VITA.


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