My Father

My father is the king
so I get all the scotch
tape from his empire
of office products.

All hail the king of staples,
the master of supplies.

My father is the king
A princesse wrapped
in gold, I am not.

My throne is made of leather
of the faux kind sitting
atop spinning swivel wheels.

S30PBadgeI’ve been feeling blocked lately which really means I’ve been writing up a storm in cover letters. This week’s prompt was MY FATHER IS THE KING pulled from the amazing Stephanie and her magical story: The Elven Games 22.


21 thoughts on “My Father”

    1. I’m so wanting to try and develop that as a style, the 2 first lines. There was this poet, a French-Canadian guy who totally wrote that way. It was so fascinating! Thanks… I’m a work in progress.


    1. Ha! When I wrote it I wondered if people were going to assume my dad really worked at a stationary. He didn’t. But we did have access to oodles of office supplies thanks to his gov job! 🙂


      1. Ha2. Yo tambien, but my father didn’t have a gov. job, it was my mother the writer, who volunteered for about a zillion organizations that promptly elected her secretary, thus the oodles of office supplies to play with when I was a kid. And the sound of the Underwood typewriter going 80 wpm, clackity, clackity clack all day and night.


  1. This is you “blocked?” Your cover letters must be awesome! Come to think of it, this post could BE a cover letter, for the right job. 🙂


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