Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned & Forgotten

Abandoned by mankind, loved by the birds...
Abandoned by mankind, loved by the birds…

Abandoned panga


Surrounded by my
how could I ever feel
alone when I have them all
around me: my besties
are self-doubts
and fears.


Life forgot to
wrap a little string
around its pinky
and left
me in the

wordpressIt’s been a while since I’ve played with these weekly photo challenges. I love this week’s theme: ABANDONED. It’s a very photographic topic.

I’ve also been trying my hand at poetry, of some kind. As a child my biggest fear was being forgotten. I think it’s the main reason why I’m so loud and vocal as an adult.


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned & Forgotten”

  1. “my besties are self-doubts and fears.” – not a phrase you hear everyday! It sounds very sad. Love the pictures, especially like how the blue sky almost blends in with the blue sea 🙂


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