Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective… or the Deceiving Eye

Perspective. I love this theme. Cameras and photographers can really shape your opinion on a subject with cropping, editing, and basic tweaking of an image.


Take for example this rooftop dome. The tile work is outstanding. It should be sitting atop something similar to the TajMahal! But no, it sits above an abandoned building.

This picture screams I wanted to but I gave up.

I wanted
to be grand
I wanted
to be a palace
I wanted
to be something
But I gave
on my dreams,
to just be

wordpressThis week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is PERSPECTIVE.It’s all about how an image can convince you the subject is not what it really is.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective… or the Deceiving Eye”

  1. There used to be a mosque like that near my old apartment. They’d started building it, but only got as far as the basic outline before they ran out of money. What amazed me, though, was that even though it was a building site, somebody still came down and swept it every day.

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