Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside a Mexican Home

Inside a Mexican home

In Mexico, doors are often absent from homes. Such is a place of open trust and welcome. From the sidewalk, it takes but a glance to see the inside of this home and notice the mother who can supervise her children at play.

It’s not shocking that I once walked into a home asking what was for supper. Honestly, I thought it was a street taco style restaurant. I didn’t get to eat with them, but we did laugh. Oh did we laugh once we all understood what was happening, and that I wasn’t some drunk tourist. Just a confused one.

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside a Mexican Home”

    1. It is a pretty open house isn’t it… 😉 And no, I don’t think I did see the people I intruded upon. It was in 2009, although I returned there and spent so much time I felt at home, I’m not sure I ever saw them again!


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