I’ve had my site evaluated by the fine people at Peek User Testing. It was a frightening experience… But not really, I’m just being silly. It’s a cool process, I highly recommend it! Basically the run down I got from a 6-minute video evaluation boils down to 2 points:

  1. It’s not clear to the average visitor what this site is all about other than my tongue in cheek sense of humor; and
  2. The design is clean, uncluttered, straight forward and the layout is not too confusing. (Thank you! I’ve invested a lot of time in my design.)

In answer to this review I will keep a sticky post that explains what my cyber house rules is all about.

This is my home where I test the waters on writing styles and voices in the hopes of improving my skills as a writer. It’s a place where I showcase my photography. It’s also where I [sometimes] share my sage wisdom using my “tongue in cheek” humor with a new series called Marie’s Tips. Welcome to my cyber house where everything rules because there are no rules…


21 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY BLOG!”

    1. Serious note though. That’s really cool. Could you imagine what they would have said about mine with all the phone boxes?! Although, all I would say is, isn’t that what an About page is for..?

      By leaving a sticky up there, do you not worry that people who don’t read via WP may not realise that you’ve done any new posts? But what do I know…


        1. Ha! Lovely. I think you could easily put something the side bar though, no?

          But as I said, surely the reader can figure out he/she needs to just click About if he/she is confused..?

          PS – After your last comment about jiggling with things, I left you some eye candy on my latest post.


      1. p.s. I do love your idea of a sidebar widget thingy… good one of you mate (how do you like my attempt at talking with a brit accent?)


    1. If a blogger never blogs while under the influence, then why blog at all? Actually, I do think the evaluation is more geared towards websites, not blogs, but I did find the process very insightful and enjoyed seeing it as a first timer may experience it! Give it a go, you never know what you may learn.


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