Weekly Photo Challenge: MY MONUMENT[AL] LIFE

With a 60-pound backpack weighing me down, wearing used up Levis and an old pair of Doc Martens, I trekked my way through France hopping from TGV’s to Métros.My budget couldn’t even afford non-food at McDonalds – which didn’t bother me since I much preferred baguettes and raspberry jam. What this means is I couldn’t even tell you if the Quarter Pounder really is called the Royal with Cheese or not! (That’s a Pulp Fiction reference in case you didn’t know.)

Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Parie

This trip was a 9-week solo trip to promote French-Canadian artists and work on a vineyard. In other words – it was my way of healing mentally from 4 miscarriages: 3 lost babies with the backlash of a miscarried relationship. Loss and heartbreak…  those were the days!

Abandoned castle - South of France
Abandoned castle – South of France

I spent 5 weeks at the base of this castle, a dying remnant from the Cathar years. Burning down Catholics… those were the days!

Skiing the Majestic Blackcomb Bowls
Skiing the Majestic Blackcomb Bowls

My sister and I stacked up our freebies: my air miles, her work contacts and we joined the Whistler-Blackcomb Ski Camp and spent one of the best if not most painful week of our lives totally free of charge…  those were the days!

Less than 10' from a humpback whale
Less than 10′ from a humpback whale

Early one morning, while still in Mexico, I popped my head up and saw my friend out on her paddle board. I rushed downstairs, put on a swimsuit, and quickly threw my board in the water to join her.

Paddling out, it took but 5 minutes to hear the blowhole of a nearby “WHAAAAAALE!” I yelled to Capt. Leo. He stood on the deck, and again I yelled, this time for my camera as I kept a steady course for the largest mammal, swimming no less. He dinghy’ed out with my GoPro. And I paddled and paddled until I joined both my friend and Moby Dick. What a feeling to know this beast is but feet away, and harmless. Paddling with the whales… those were the days!

Watch the movie here!

Crossing the Sea of Cortez
Crossing the Sea of Cortez

Two days after playing with the whales, we headed back to San Diego. The longest non-stop portion of the trek was crossing the sea of Cortez. Trust me when I tell you – seeing land after over 40 hours of nothing but water in sight is byzarro-world’s view of a mirage.

Putting my feet on firm ground and feeling all jiggy-legged… those were the days!

My life has spoiled me with endless adventures… And I wouldn’t trade my place with anybody else! Well, Jane Goodall maybe.


wordpress-logo watercovered smallThe theme for this week’s challenge is MONUMENT.


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