Alexa: Who is She and Why Is Her Ranking So Stanking Important?

I recently wrote a Marie’s TipTM about How to Improve Your Google Rank. Can you tell I just learned a NewTrickTM? Yeah, I knew you weren’t paying attention! Anyways, I promised to come back and talk about the <cue in the reverb> ALEXA RANKING SYSTEM <end the reverb>.Ladies and Gentlemen – and now, in the right corner… Misssss Alexxxxaaaa!

The fascinating World of the Widest Web known to [wo]mankind is mainly ruled by two ranking systems, it’s a game-of-thrones of the cyber-world minus the hot chicks talking to dragons, and the be-headings… These two rulers are the Google PageRank system and Alexa.

Why should this matter to you if you have a blog or website? Other than because I-said-so-and-go-clean-up-your-room – it’s really only important if you seek sponsorships, or if you want to join some elite online writing community who look at that kind of stuff prior to recruiting writers.


First of all, Amazon owns this company. Which really baffles me. There are a über amount of sites explaining in a most confusing fashion how Alexa works:


TIP #1: Download and install the toolbar.
Unless you have the Alexa toolbar on your browser, your rank may ultimately suck no matter how popular you really are.

TIP #2: Download and install the Alexa Booster Tool
This is your cheat-sheet into higher rankings. By installing this and running it while you’re not really working on your computer you become a self-surfing diva dipping from site to site increasing your own score. It is cheating! Does it work? Yes, it does, and I’ll tell you why, but you have to keep reading.

BUT – just having the initial Alexa toolbar and visiting other sites with the toolbar does increase your own score as you increase others’ scores. Like that old saying of “filling your cup by filling other people’s cupeth until they all runneth over…” or something like that.

TIP #3: Blog about it. Throw that word in there somewhere in your content, in your tags. Alexa is a narcissist. She loves hearing and reading about herself. If she were on Instagram, she’d be a selfie taking bitch.


I first heard about Alexa via Julie from The IndieChicks. And immediately I felt a wave of depression when I looked at my rank… Not that it really mattered other than I wanted to be scooped up by other websites to write for them. She told me how they (at IndieChicks) look at that stuff when they recruit new writers (which means other popular websites must do that too). Which I am proud to say that I am soon to be published at their new site IndieChickLit with more cool tips… *giddy*

My history with the world…

  1. February 20 — 4,876,235
  2. March 6 — 1,843,978
  3. March 13 — 1,356,078
  4. March 20 — 1,099,964
  5. March 25  — 954,999
  6. March 26 — 858,036
  7. April 5 — 772,585
  8. April 11 — 668,793
  9. April 14 — 621,591
  10. April 19 — 606,146
  11. April 20  — 595,587
  12. April 23 —  525,142

You can totally hear Austin Powers shouting out “Nerd alert!” Yeah. Totally. That and a holy-crap-look-who’s-obsessive-compulive-alert! February 20 is when I first heard of the system. Notice the huge drop on March 6 after installing the initial toolbar?

The bigger the number, the worst your score is. That number indicates your worldwide popularity (among mainly other sites with the toolbar, mainly – on account of how they, at Alexa, do their math).


alexa boosterAha, I knew you’d stick around for that juicy morsel of information… Being the obsessive-compulsive type that I am wont to be…

I checked the difference in my rank between the site I submitted for boosting: http://www.mycyberhouserules and the original wordpress url: = 525,142 = 733,213


I’d say the url holds the real un-boosted rank. I’d say that because it’s the url not being visited in the boost-up system.

Try it out, download the tools, try the tool first, then add the booster one a couple of weeks later and see if your rank differs a lot. Then I’d love to hear and share your dance of joy when your rank improves, especially when you dip below into the 6-digit figures!

You’re welcome!
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12 thoughts on “Alexa: Who is She and Why Is Her Ranking So Stanking Important?

  1. I hold top rank in the only system that matters to me.


    1. In your heart… best system ever! 😉


  2. You’re taking the internet by storm!
    I check Alexa every so often, just to make sure I’m ahead of a few other blogs.


    1. I agree with you – and I only compare myself to similar blogs to mine.


  3. 1. you’re a very entertaining writer! 2. I’ve never been one to think that Alexa or prchecker hold much value. I can see that many disagree with me, but working in SEO with other companies, I honestly don’t see that it holds much klout…I’m probably wrong in my thinking, but who knows really ( )


    1. Ha! I mostly do agree with you – but what Julie said really resonated with me (when a writer requests to write for IC the first thing they do is check out their ranks to see if they will come with an audience or not).

      But… who knows! And thanks for telling me I’m entertaining!


  4. I downloaded the stuff. I’ll keep up with it and let you know how it goes.


    1. Sweet! I can’t wait to hear about how your rank has improved…


  5. AccordingtoJewels 23/04/2014 — 7:43 pm

    I’ve created a monster and you’re creating more…and I LOVE it! 😉 It’s addicting but I think you’ve got it down to a healthy level. Only compare yourself to like blogs…comparing to larger sites will drive you BONKERS. Congrats on your ranking improvements!


    1. Writing this got the whole thing out of my system, thank you ver much! I’m so done with the whole topic! 🙂


  6. I have homework, now. Thank you!!!


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