LinkedIn: The Social Media Site to Be On


I remember the earlier Facebook years when among friends we laughed at those still using MySpace. “It has no class – it’s just plain tacky!” we would claim, “Just high school kids use it, and that’s only those who don’t know better!” Oh we felt so smug and superior in our little Facebook universe.  Read more!

indiechicklitI was featured yesterday at IndieChickLit!

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5 thoughts on “LinkedIn: The Social Media Site to Be On

  1. Moist of my customers come from LinkedIn!


  2. Thanks for the great info. I don’t currently use any social network sites, but as I’m (hopefully) about to embark on a new career I’ll definitely check this out 🙂


    1. New careers and new starts are always so exciting and frightening at the same time!

      Good luck to you 😉


  3. I have both professional and personal linkedins. Mostly because of registering the wrong email address years ago.
    I’ve found it to be a helpful network resource.


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