Weekly Photo Challenge: LetTeRs

Letters… Now I know my a-b-c, won’t you come and play with me! The one thing I could never understand about letters is why in the world, when they invented sign language, did they not invent one universal language? Language, expressed via a collection of letters, is what unifies us as humans.

«More than kisses, letters mingle souls.»
—John Donne

These images were brought to you by the letter O:
mexican electrical metersIMG_20130423_060319

This image was brought to you by the letter M:

This image was brought to you by the letter V:

This image was brought to you by bravery:
FDNY and a dalmatian

These images were brought to you by ME:

used california license plates

I exisrt
I Exist
A box full of letters, covered in letters.
A box full of letters, covered in letters.

Se vendeIMG_20130613_110804graffiti on top of graffiti

«I often fantasize about torturing some of the lazier letters of the alphabet, like C, U, and E, because together they only manage to accomplish as much as the solitary letter Q.»
—Jarod Kintz

wordpress-logo watercovered smallThis week’s photo challenge is LETTERS.



16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: LetTeRs”

  1. Very nice collection for the challenge. I’m loving the FDNY shot, and the vintage collector in me is automatically drawn to the Schwinn shot.


  2. A wonderful post Marie and a great response to the challenge. I love the post box, which could easily be the one around the corner (except for the snow!). Thanks for the visit. Looking forward to following you in the coming months. Best wishes…:-)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Did you know that you take splendidly incisive photographs? Composition is impeccable, with great balance and use of color. I’m in love with the last two frames.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. wow, what gorgeous images you brought us. Plus two amazing quotes that made me giggle and then sigh. Your talent for capturing these is a gift to us.


    1. I thought you’d like it – when I saw yours I thought we’d taken the exact same picture! Hey, I was so inspired by you today, and created my own video of Somewhere over the Rainbow (I’m such a nut-job) and I totally pimped you out in my new post. 🙂


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