Being a Germaphobe is Making You the Weakest Link

«There’s a speck of dirt on that can, I can’t drink from it.»

Compare your immune system to a child. If you coddle your child with numerous rules and an unlimited amount of restraints where you don’t allow your child to:

  1. remain unattended, not even for a minute, or
  2. heat a can of coup, or
  3. ride a bike, or
  4. climb a tree, or
  5. swim in a lake, or
  6. shit, just about anything…

…then you are prepping this child to be absolutely useless once out in the real world as a grown up. Don’t, for the love of all that is sacred in this universe, do that. Not to your child, and not to your immune system.

Allow your system to come into contact with a few germs here and there. I’m not talking about pushing Fido to the side the next time he takes a sip from a puddle on the street by the park! But do share a bottle of water with a friend. Take baby steps.  Stop using the Purell every time you push a shopping cart, and don’t wash your hands every single time you sneeze or blow your nose. But do still wash them after going to the washroom. Don’t drink out of a can covered in rust, but do go bold and daring, and take a sip from a can that may have a flick of dirt on it. I’ll even allow you to remove the flick with your finger…

«If it doesn’t kill y’a, it’ll only make y’a stronger.»

Oh and stop it with all that antibacterial nonsense, unless you’re working in a hospital, all you’re doing is contributing to the growth of the super-bacteria!

End of rant.

If you think you may be a germaphobe, but you’re not sure, take this nifty test!

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20 thoughts on “Being a Germaphobe is Making You the Weakest Link

  1. I don’t have any germs.
    They’re all afraid of whatever I might touch/inhale/consume next.



    1. Snicker. My absolute lack of fear of them has made me quite ill in Mexico last summer, but I am still secretly appreciating all the weight I lost from it. But don’t tell nobody I told you that.


  2. YES! A thousand times YES! I have friends that are germaphobes and their family is sick ALL the time. I wonder sometimes if they are germaphobes because they always get sick, or if they always get sick because they are germaphobes. I’m guessing it’s the latter. We are seldom sick around here, dirty stuff is good:)

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    1. It’s a conundrum, and a vicious cycle obviously! I’m never sick, and a germaphobe would be sick just watching me live my carefree life!


  3. Just clicked the link… I am so NOT a germaphobe. It’s actually a little worrying how unphased I was by all of it?!

    By the way, I like the new look. I was reading on my phone whilst I was away but now that I’m back home and on the laptop, I can finally see the full site.


    1. Thanks Sean! I also got bangs, but I’m sure that’s not the new look you’re referring to. Welcome back, have you posted anything new yet? Actually, that’s a stupid question since nothing’s come into my inbox.

      p.s. that last line almost sounded crass.


      1. Haha. Always lowering the tone Marie!

        And you’re right, I haven’t. Yet. Am in a bit of a writing funk at the moment. But on the upside, my book is going to the printers tomorrow! A little later than I had hoped though I guess that’s because I went away for a month…

        No doubt I’ll have to do a new post soon to shamelessly try to plug it again!

        I was totally referring to the bangs by the way.


        1. 🙂 Your book will at the printer’s tomorrow? Shit, you totally have to write something up about that! You know, if you’re in a funk, have a bunch of us “faithful” write a short blurb about how we’re excited and can’t wait to see this little gem come out!

          p.s. not to repeat on the potential crass, but I did just talk about letting your gems out… 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You’re too kind, my dear. Though I was actually thinking of doing something like that once you’ve read it. Assuming you enjoyed it of course.

            I spoke to them again today and it’s entirely plausible that it could be in people’s hands by the end of next week!

            PS – Get your mind out the gutter Marie.


  4. Nice rant… so true!


    1. Especially after living in Mexico right? 🙂


  5. I’m quite sure I’m not a germophobe. I live in Germany. I’d be very unhappy if I were a germophobe in Germany 😀


    1. I’ve been to Frankfurt. I felt like I could literally eat off the street! It was so clean…


      1. You haven’t been there for a soccer game 😉


        1. Oh right. No. I think that would scare me. A lot. I’m too small for that kind of crowd ruckuss-ness.


  6. I so agree, Marie. And research studies are validating your rant. Not to mention that antibacterial gel is downright toxic! Worse for us than the germs, for the most part. I keep a little spray bottle of colliodal silver in my purse, which I use on very rare occasions.


    1. Thanks! and that gel is just disgusting, pure and simple… 🙂


  7. I grew up playing on piles of dirt from construction sites. My immune system can defeat Godzilla. Mom’s strongest admonition: “wipe your face before dinner.” I assume she didn’t want to look at her dust-covered son.


    1. I grew up playing at the junk yard. Do you remember those? Man, what a heap of abandoned treasures those were…


  8. YES. Thank you so much for writing this post! It’s so frustrating when parents don’t let their children do ANYTHING that involves germs – it’s bad parenting!! Every kid needs to eat some dirt or whatever, it keeps their immunity up. As for using anti-bac all the time, you are SO RIGHT. Amen, sister!


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