Prepare to Be Boarded Young Lady

While riding my paddle board, I crossed a sailboat with 4 men. One of them yelled out a boarding threat (see title).

“But you’ll have to jump in the water to come get me!” was the only quick thing I could come up with in lieu of a smart reply.Their answer indicated how little they knew of the boarding process because they told me I could just swim over there. What they didn’t know was how, in response to the “young lady” portion of their threat, I wanted to yell out “I fucking love you!!!”

When I’m dealing with 4 men, strangers, on a boat called “Wet Willy” I tend to stay on the conservative side. How times have changed…


11 thoughts on “Prepare to Be Boarded Young Lady”

  1. Bwahaha, your hotness and Wet Willy, what a combo that would have been in the old unmarried days. And I can testify that you still look like a young fox after viewing the paddle board contest at La Cruz. Is it OK for an old lady to say that a friend looks like a fox?


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