In honor of many things, I’ve created this special video just for you… In honor of what you ask? Because, although I’m miles and miles and even continents away from you, I heard you ask that question.

Let me list the ways:

  1. My blog is finalist for The Indie Chicks Badass Blog Awards as the Funniest Blogger!
  2. This morning Twin Daddy asked what song made us cry. Sandra from Square One Notes said “Somewhere Over the Rainbow – ukelele version”. I love this song, and well, Sandra from now on I want you to laugh when you hear this song. You’ll see why below.
  3. Leo, the love of my life, my best friend and the one who always makes me laugh left town again today. He was here for 3 days, and will be gone until October. Muwah! While he was here, during one of our sailing and sun burning fiesta, I picked up a tennis ball that was rolling around in our cockpit (that word always makes me laugh) and made it sing to Eminem. Maybe it was Snoop Dog. Or JayZ. One of those thuglike hip-hopity kind of dudes. And now he’s gone. And my heart is empty… Have I said muwah yet?

I bring you this video for your enjoyment, and can be used in court to prove that I may be off my knockers! Watch this, then go vote. I’ll give you candy!

p.s. If you pay attention, not only can you see my shadow on the wall, but you can see my mouth opening all wide as I sing along with Shmoo! True story.

vote for me funniest blog - badass blog awardAll kidding aside, is it cool to pimp my own ass out for this? I have no shame, don’t you know just by the video alone? VOTE!




  1. This stunt is sure to put you over the top in this competition. Won my vote! Thanks for the shout out. Sorry your sweetheart is over the rainbow!


  2. Muwah is so right! Can’t imagine not seeing Nikk until October, that would be if he stayed here in San Carlos and only little me went back to the US of A. Yep, we made it across and have internet again, but only in this restaurant, so no blogging for another week and a half unless I sit here for a few hours and I think not. Congrats on the finals of funniest, you are definitely the funniest blogger I know, on the blogiverse and in person!


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