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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside a Seashell – Work of Art

Listening to the ocean in a seashell is one of life’s coolest things. After a glass of wine. And an ice cold beer post roller derby practice. But other than that? The never ending tune of the ocean inside a seashell: freakin awesome!It may come to no surprise to you, no surprise at all, that I literally grabbed a seashell right out of the ocean after a dive, put it to my ear and heard swooshing in the fake ocean because a crab decided to tickle my ear.

“Tickle” may not be the right choice of word. But it was a living crab inside the shell. “Was he a hermit?” you may be wondering. I don’t know, I’m not a crab psycho-analyst so I do not have the necessary skill-set to inform you about his personality, nor his behavior. That would be my answer in a court of law.

I did, however, scream and throw the seashell back into the ocean. I live on it, why do I need a shell to hear it when I’m surrounded by it? Besides, I’m no crab-home-wrecker!

This – to me – is a work of art. It’s perfect. Will you just look at it? Look at it!

seashells are love letters in the sandI found this shell on the most fascinating island I’ve ever visited in the Sea of Cortez north of La Paz.

p.s. Who’s the author of that quote? Google refuses to tell me!

wordpress-logo watercovered smallThis week’s photo challenge is: Work of Art.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside a Seashell – Work of Art”

        1. lol.

          I did. Totally. In a nightmare can’t scream kind of way. And the tossing of the shell was a total knee-jerk reaction to which I immediately insisted I tossed it back in because I wasn’t a crab-home-wrecker. I don’t want to be that bitch. *snicker*


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